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    Gel Falling off!

    Hi I use Brisa and NSI balance gels. both very good.. hths xx
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    My very first critique on here!!!

    CND only do 3 opaque powder a cool, natural and warm. I think its the natural if that helps. Also can mix them depending on clients skin tone. hth x:)
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    Mix ratio?

    Thanks tracey louise. I was just looking at your album again.... Your nails always look great and the glitter ones always look blocked out in zone 1... How do you do it so perfect.... im sooooo jealous... xx
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    Mix ratio?

    Hi is there no one out there with info on mix ratio!!!!
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    Mix ratio?

    Hi Geeks Im looking for info on mix ratio! How to mix glitter and gel for total block out on zone 1 upto the smile line. Would like to get it right with Christmas coming soon for all the partie nights out...:confused: Also mix ratio with L&P to as I always buy pots already mixed but...
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    Help from Gel Geeks

    Hi All Has anyone tried the illusion soak off gel & what did you think?? Also anyone tried you use the illusion along side the balance gels and what was the result??:) Thanks geeks in advance xxx
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    Comment by 'Jessica Rabbit' in media '15352.jpg'

    Hi Nina Love this design.You work is truly amazing. Would love to try it out on my daughter... What colours did you use and is it acrylic or gel? xx
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    Me nail art

    Hi Doll You have some lovley stuff. xx
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    Can I put a sign up for a home salon??

    Hi If your looking for a sign? Vista print do lawn signs have alook... hths xx
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    Help LA Tan sprayed over Sienna x is this person trained and using the right solution

    Hi I tried the LA Gold out on one client & my daughter.. They love the colour. I was amazed myself lol... hth x
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    Nail Art Tutorials

    Hi Doll You can do a search on here and you will find plenty... hths x
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    LA Tan offer, which solutions to pick?

    Hi Peeps Sorry to be a pest!!!!! But can anyone advise me on best colour to use and How good is the machine.. Any advise who be great guy's... xx
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    LA Tan offer, which solutions to pick?

    Hi the offer they are giving with the machine, How good is the machine??? my machine I have from shadez is due for tanning heaven as it keep playing up on me.... Any Advise on the machine and best colours to get to cover fair and medium skined clients would great peeps.... xx Thanks all
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    La Tan

    Thanks Doll I was looking for the website address as I believe they have affer on it at the moment???
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    I need a bright fushia pink powder

    Hi NSI have a great one... hth xx