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  • That's a GREAT idea...I'm calling Cosmoprof on Monday to see if I can pre-order the new colors. :) Any ideas what they are? I sure hope Black is one of them.

    No one in my area (just north of Detroit) has any Shellac. It's almost ridiculous! I'm in Cosmoprof so often checking on my stuff, they know me by name. :eek:

    She told me today that maybe they'll have the rest of my order by middle of August. They told me it'd be in by the middle of July a month ago. Now, I just laugh it off...what ya gonna do?

    Have fun Shellac'ing! :hug:
    I is like a miracle. My BFF cannot keep anything on her nails. We've tried L&P, gels, polish. NOTHING stays. With Shellac, she can have beautiful nails for TWO weeks. It is amazing.

    I'm a little jealous of your pre-order...LOL! I haven't been able to get my hands on any for a while, now. Cosmoprof had a deal in May and I'm still waiting for Tutti Frutti and Fedora to come in to complete my order. Now, I'm low on base and top coats so I had to quit doing my own. I have to save it for the customers.

    What differences do you find with the new lamp? I'd like to get the new lamp, too. Luckily, I have a Brisa lamp for now. Maybe the new lamp will be my Christmas present to me. :)
    Hi Jess, no problem! :)

    The free gift was a bottle of Shellac. The one tip we learned (and I haven't seen much reference to it on here) is when you do a french, IF you need to swipe your smile line, then you have to have basecoat and one color coat down first before you apply the white and swipe. You cannot use any liquid (acetone, scrubfresh, etc.) when swiping the smile line on base coat only. The liquid compromises the base coat.

    Have you been Shellacing? I've been doing a few peeps and I've had really good luck with it. Even on my own nails.

    There's a really cool video I found for doing a french. I posted it on here. Search for french smile. I think the thread is entitled French Smile Vid. The girl in the video makes it look so easy. I went and bought the brush and it is a french lifesaver!

    Hope all is well with you! :)
    Hi Jess, Franjess and I looked for you at the Shellac class. I just saw on the closed thread you were unable to make it. It was a great experience...all CND classes are. I would still call tng and see if you can at least get your 'free' gift...after all, you did pay for it. :)
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