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  • Oh yes was watching some last night its "Lillia" isnt it (I think thats how she spells it) she is pretty amazing, will post pics this weekend if I get time. xx
    Your nails are lovely & WOW your 3D work is really good, I have just gotten Nfu.Oh powders and am really trying to get to grips with flowers etc but I think I lack creativity with design ideas but I dont give up easily your pics have given me some inspiration and they are really clear so I am going to try to copy some, hope you dont mind. xxx
    hey, thanks for the info, glad your nail is better! Mine is much better now, but blumming heck it was sodding painfull. I also had a tiny pus pocket on the underside of my thumb but thats gone now, both were really painfull I couldnt use my thumb and it went stiff :eek:

    Dogs are the best though, have 4 of them altogether but wouldnt have it any other way. btw don't know much about lhaso's but they look a gorgeous breed.

    anne xx
    Good work ... I can spot CND as soon as I look at it. Glad you're loving it.
    Thanks for the pic comment doll! It gave me the chance to check out your page, and some of your FABULOUS work! I am new to 3d, you have given me some very good ideas ;)
    Thankyou for the pictures comments, Your albums are stunning, too many nice ones to leave comments on, gorgeous work :) xx
    Just wanted to say you are soooo talented with nails. They are beautiful. I hope I can get that good one day. I love the clear stiletto with the white flowers and the bit of yellow.
    I've just had a nosey at your pics - my god woman! Your nails are fantastic - I love the perfect line of light & the ultra smooth finish to them. When can you do mine!!!!
    Hiya hun, thanks for your comment about my log cabin, I'm loving it tbh, it's great to have my house back!
    HI just wanted to say that your nail art is amazing and i really wish i could do 3d nail art like that and yes your nails do look good enought to do on the public. xx
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