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  • if you could PM me your addy I can send them out to you and PM you the prices ;0)))
    Hi Denise,good hearing from you.
    The EOS does have a tad more colour guide but its still light.
    We have a new solution called Organic's which I would highly recommend you try...feedback were getting is that its even better than the Tanytrick originals.
    I will happily send you a sample out to try ;0))
    Take care and best wishes
    Waxed bits tickety boo hun, thank you! Had a lovely afternoon........looking forward to another one! xxx
    oh that's good was a bit worried you might have found them on your pillow this morning.
    hubby is thrilled to bits i dont have a tash any more so big thank you
    yes i had a lovely day was great to meet you all we will definitely have to do it again soon xx
    just tell me when to start saving up hairy bits lol xx
    Hey Denise, Haooy new year to you. Jen aka Lots of Lashes and I are arranging a day of lashes at mine one tuesday or saturday afternoon. I have asked Lou also if your interested in joining us.

    Hiya hun, how r u? I'm coming through next week to have my legs waxed......so if you've not got anyone coming in to model for you, you can bag me!!!
    Our tutor was telling us that they are trying to get some lash training sorted, will be a one day thing and rather than getting an external company in which costs a fair bit (including the kit) the college arre going to do it in house and students can purchase their own kit. She said it won't be expensive, as soon as I find out more I'll let you know.
    Hows things with you? Are you still coming saturday night, I never got back to you did I, it's fine to bring a friend, the more the merrier!!! xx
    Hiya hun, I can't make college tonight, Paul's duty and I've no sitter. They're doing a test tonight aswell.....she went over everything that's gonna be in the test last week, they were all fretting over it, but TBH it's all stuff I knew already!! anyway I've told her I can't make it so I've to do it next week!! At least I know I won't be missing something.
    Who's got the little one while you're working? Hope you're not too whacked......see you soon, Lou xx
    Hey, thanks for that. Will have a look at the tutorial page and get my minxed paws on too :)
    hey. just joined minx lovers :0 I'm very new to everything :( but loved the idea of minx. got some and applied to my own natural nail. They are staying real good but I must say, the free edge are a bit ropey...any thoughts? Not sure if i have put this question in the right place...am new to this
    Thanks for the info on Minx.. I'm dying to give it a go now :) .. oh and thanks so much for the friend request and picture comment xx
    Hi Thanks for the message and friend request! I am mobile too but also employed and it's tricky...am in the process of trying to make a decision! Hope things go well for you x
    LOVE the pictures of your Minx nails... Wow!!.. I haven't got the kit, but am very tempted after seeing how lovely yours look... does it take long to apply them and do you find them hard to do?.. sorry for all the questions X
    Perhaps they got one before the holidays then when I missed class. I'm not well again, which is typical, but am going anyway as Paul duty next week so will have to miss that one.
    Hiya, yes I am......I'm hoping I didn't miss too much last time......but I've been reading Marian's book and practising, so hopefully they didn't do anything that I haven't covered. We've not had any assignments....not yet anyway! Did you have them last year??
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