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  • Hiya Gorgeous Hot chilli Leader. Cant wait! see you real soon :hug: hope you are feeling better, or if not you get better soon :hug: xxxxx
    they love it ;) well my moped has not got a box on the back :s so isnt working. So need a new bike. will get my business on the side of it! thats my plan :D will get a photo when I do!
    Hello lovely
    Holly here (from Gibraltar) Thanks for the class last week! loved it. I keep looking at the one nail you did on me for help, my mini teacher still learning from it lol.
    Love your photos! must be fun to wash your hair a free head massage!
    take care and hope to see you in the future
    Hi Kelly, Thank you for a wonderful day today really enjoyed it...even if my bank account won't lol! Hope the sniffles are short lived and you feel better tommorow, get some vitamin C tabs down you!! karenx
    Hey Kelly hope all is good? Keep hearing your name as past students visit.... I think it's great . xxx
    Hi kelly hope you are well. Could you please tell me again where you got them lovely gems from that you wear on your toes. xxxxxx
    Hi Kelly, did my rebalance masters with you a couple of weeks ago. Did look for you on salongeek but couldnt find you!!! Just want to say another big 'thank you', you were great and I enjoyed the day so much and also learnt loads. Everything is going great in the shop (I definately felt more confident after doing your class) and am going to definately carry on with my Masters. Hope to see you soon. Lauren.xx
    hey hunny xxx not sure if I can come up the night before as its ambers birthday xxx got a few ideas in my head no clients tomorrow so going to have a play xx can we use 'extra' bits like glitter etc ??????????? xx
    hiya babe yeah all good .. ambers passed her driving test today .. no no mums taxis yeah !! hows the new car?? no worries re sending to master stuff .. I had probs opening it all .. must need a new lappy !! will give you a call very soon to sort out the 23rd xxxx .. gosh that came round fast !!!! mwaah xx
    Hi Kelly
    Thank you so much for today. I had a fabulous time and you taught me so much. I loved every second and I will definitely be thinking of doing L & P soon.
    Dottie xx
    Hi Kelly, it was nice to meet you today when i was a model for Anne. I have now set up an account and have tested some of my samples they gave me and they are loverly. I have sorted my thumb out now and my popits look lovely - very impressed .... :)
    Hi Kelly
    All depends on the needs on the infill appointment,
    it usually takes 1 hour,
    i charge £20 for the first 1 hr and then £5 for every extra 15 mins,
    depends on how well the client has looked after them, the better they follow the aftercare the less work needs to be done, hth
    Louise x
    Thanks Kelly for the congrats, if you are ay H/O tomorrow Tues i will see you as im coming over to show off my trophys and thank the sams in person for the fabulous opportunity they have just made possible for me.
    Hi Kelly, when i came to your brisa conversion class you had a big leather tool roll, can you tell me if its the same one thats in the new CND cat please before i buy as i want one the same as yours to get all my tools in.Thanks, hope you are well and hope to see you soon.love zena x
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