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  • Bạn quyết định mở cửa hàng thương nghiệp điện tử riêng của bạn.Nhưng bạn ko có ten mien và cũng ko biết đặt tên miền sao cho tốt,trước tiên bạn cần dang ky ten mien. INET cung cấp cho bạn với một ten mien mien phi nhưng bạn cũng có tùy chọn sử dụng tên miền riêng của bạn 802794395
    Thanks! I just had a look for that brush, then came across lots of them! I'll have a proper look... I wish I had found this site when I first got the course.. I probably would have been a lot further with it by now! Thanks for your help!
    Im not a lover of minx but plan to do silk next i think..... im in hazlemere near high wycombe
    That's brilliant! I plan to do a mani & pedi course in the new year, and then Minx & Shellac, there are some great accredited courses round here! I'm based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, not far from Bristol... What about you...?
    ooh i see, sorry should have looked into it a bit more :) congratulations on passing. Its great to add another service to your list, and it sound slike you did a great job xxx
    Wooohooo! Very well done... so pleased for you! Yes this is my first nail course, I'm trained in spray tan and have a small customer base from that, and always loved nails and did mine myself anyway, I found it much harder trying to get used to doing it on someone else's hand though to begin with! I liked using the NSI products, but I'm going to have a look around, there may be something better for me out there, what about you? Have you done any more courses? BTW nice to meet you :)
    Jane thank you so much for your reply... no worries either! It's okay, I've done a bit of searching too and I've decided to do the best I can, and that means using another L&P for my assessment! I've just counted my nailbeds out tho and somehow am 2 no13's short arrgghh lol! Good luck with your assessment, I'm planning to send mine back by the end of November! x
    Hi Jane,

    Thank you i shall look into using edge or nsi... thank you for your reply.. Also im having trouble with the free edge and the smile line in the tip, i cant seem to match it.. as i am trying to get no natural nail showihng through the tip, could u give me some advice please?

    They will be 9 & 7 next month. I love that fact that you can kiss him in the playground but can't hold his hand lol! I use white tips with a sheer pink overlay for french or clear tips for glitter and I only use natural tips on clients with tiny nail beds or those who want natural looking enhancements. I'm working on perfecting my sculpting at the moment so I can do forever french. Oh and of course I don't mind you asking my advice x
    They grow up too fast don't they? I'm not even allowed to kiss my eldest goodbye in the playground anymore :cry: When they were 4 & 2, I worked full time and only spent 2 hours a day with them, it was awful so I decided that now I'm self employed it's up to me what hours I work and I'm making the most of it. Sooner or later they will get the the point where they don't want to spend time with me anymore and although I'll be sad, at least then I'll be able to put extra hours into the business.
    I find the elation ones blend really well (180 grit file) and they are strong and secure once applied. Yes I did find it hard to build up a client base, it's really frustrating. I only work around 16 hours per week at the mo because I want to spend my time with my kids. Once I start working 9-3 every day and need more hours, I'll pop them in an after school club 2 days a week. After that I won't increase my hours until the girls are old enough to stay at home on their own. I'm aiming for a nice work / family balance.
    Hi, sounds like you have a good plan. You will be able to offer gel, acrylic and shellac right from the start! I started mobile over a year ago and still only do acrylic and shellac. I really should learn gels, I'll get round to it one day lol. Acrylics sometimes still take me 2 1/2 hours!! I use pro impressions advance french white tips, or NSI elation when doing natural blended tips. It's worth trying a few different types to see which you prefer.

    Kirsty x
    Hi, I'm good thanks! How are you? I used NSI acrylic for my course as I really didn't get on with the dream products either. I just read through our conversation from November, how did you get on with your first client?! Have you you been busy since then?
    Kirsty x
    Dont worry about the time as it takes me just as long and ive already passed my acrylic course. The speed will come with practice, im definitely getting quicker so you just need to persevere. the cuticle application is ment to be thin anyway to allow flexibility but you will know yourself if its too thin or not. Good luck with it , you can let us know how you get on when you get results back
    Hi Jane.

    I saw a post earlier in the week by someone doing the course who bought an air purifier because like you say, the smell is really strong and can be a little onverwhelming really. So i bought one and it's really helped! I have the windows open about a centimetre just for ventilation but the purifier really does help
    The course it'self is easy to understand and follow and my first set (altho not perfect) was really good! I was quite chuffed with myself lol.
    The only thing I'm concerned about are the test papers. Some of the questions are a little .. misleading .. and of course there could be a mixture, all or non of the answers for that question so im finding that im second guessing myself, but the txt book gives me enough to go by.

    i was thinking about doing the gel course after the acrylic. What's it like?

    Z x
    Hi, I use the EN uv lamp, but I do l&p so only use it to cure uv top coat.

    As for uniform, I have an NSI sparkle T-shirt because I couldn't find a tunic I really liked lol. Buttercups and Simon Jersey are well worth a look though, I think they have some nice ones.

    Don't be sorry for asking questions! I'm happy to help.
    If it's not picking the image up properly, chances are you're not working fast enough. Once you've scraped, you need to grab your stamper ASAP and roll it over the image. You don't need to be particularly quick with anything else and once you have the image on the stamper you can take your time placing it correctly. The only other trick is to press lightly with the stamper, I got frustrated at first but found I was pressing far too hard.
    Hi, no I don't mind at all. If you have any questions, fire away! No, I don't have a table, it was on my list of things to buy but so far I haven't needed one.

    Do you do nail art? If not get a konad stamping kit, it's so quick and easy with fantastic results. Then set up a facebook page and post pics of all your work, that's been my best advertising by far and it's completely free. The combination of my konad kit and facebook page has taken my business from 2 clients a week to fully booked 2 weeks in advance!

    That's probably about the best advice I can give you off the top of my head, but like I said, if you have questions, fire away!

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