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    2/3 week infills

    Trinity said: If I was her i would want to see them before deciding what to do, she may be able to correctly remove the Gel polish, thin out the existing acrylic and rebalance. Sometimes if the nails are damaged it better to work over the existing product (with warnings that there are no...
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    How to fix this orange disaster?

    I’m wondering if organic meant a vegetable dye? Henna perhaps? Would explain the orange hues.
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    Nail file maintenance and recommendations?

    Another reason they gave was that people might use the implements on their pets and bring them back for you to use on them.
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    Going to natural grey from years of dying brown

    Or...a la Dame Judi Dench. Beautiful, modern, youthful.
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    Left handed drill bits

    Who knew? Not me!
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    Split toenails

    From the pictures it looks like you aren't a likely candidate for ingrown nails. A nice flat nail with plenty of room at the side walls. Try not to file the sides of the nails, just the free edge. Sometimes the great toe will grow like a clam shell with obvious or slight ridges. As those slight...
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    Left handed drill bits

    The bit rotation is changeable. Clockwise and counter. Is that what you mean? Like a left-handed screwdriver?
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    Some happy news, one last piece of advice for the road?

    You are just crazy obsessive!🤪 But, if you feel like acrylic nails will be the boost you need and your raison d'etre, then pick someone and do it! You have certainly been overwhelmed, like many of us, during this unrelenting pandemic. Just do it, they're only fingernails and I personally feel...
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    Polygel allergies

    I wore acrylic products for over 40 years. After over-exposure (hard gels) resulting in terrible skin problems which didn’t completely heal for 4 years, I decided that enough was really enough. I wouldn’t put on an acrylic, a hybrid acrylic or any gel polish other than Shellac, and that only...
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    CND Retention+/Radical Solar

    Since your client hasn’t any lifting issues (due to your diligence), breaking is the issue. In the early 70’s, I bartended while my hubby was in college. Yes, reaching for bottles, in ice, washing glasses, etc., took a toll. My manicurist talked me into an oval shaped nail (but Cher has...
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    Does anyone have Sorisa Disencrustation Lotion in their basement? It was manufactured in Canada, but sold internationally. It hasn’t been available for years, but hoping it’s on someone’s shelf gathering dust.
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    CND & Ellisons

    Could it be because Revlon has acquired CND and they are difficult to deal with?
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    Positive Covid test

    This generation has never experienced a pandemic. We’ve had economic downturns, terrorist attacks, the curse of other transmitted viruses, but nothing like this. It’s overwhelming for everyone who has a working mind. I think that anxiety is common now more than ever. I had a hot forehead...
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    Help, CND Creative Play coming off after 3 days

    Wondering if those are air bubbles. Too vigorous shaking of the product. Personally, I prefer to stir not shake. A thin metal stirrer will bring the pigment up from the bottom and mix better than shaking.
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    Is it OK to offer just gel polish and not normal polish?

    I buy .25 oz. (1/8), bottles for take home polish touchup. Good for travel, etc. easy to pour into and a nice touch for clients.