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  • You should Jo, you have a natural way about you. Contact the companies and get yourself on a teaching couse at nightschool and start doing your research and speaking to as many people about it as possible.
    hi hunny sorry i meant to reply i have been so busy i havent stopped trying to fit everything in before the event. I thought you were going to the event. I had a job for 4 sets of eyelash extensions on saturday that i obv cannot do but as i thought you were going i didnt call you, will call them tomorrow and see if they still want them and pass your number on to them, new glue is fab isnt it. xx
    LOL well at least you can blame the black eye on your machine rather than your hubby for a change LOL
    no its still not arrived dont worry about it, god knows whats going on with this post. i sent a few letters 2 weeks ago that never arrived have had to resend them seems the only things that arrive are bills lol xx
    jo i am soooo sorry i meant to reply I havent stopped all day im actually so tired and got a really long day tomorrow, thanks so much. oh have you tried la tanning for a machine? even if you dont want the liquid you get a free machine with solutions xx
    Hi Jo-anne, glad you like them that much...its a bit of an addiction isnt it?????Shout if you need anything at any time?
    thanks jo it was a great day, you picked it up so quickly the lashes looked fab still cant believe they were your very first training ones! :) any problems or questions im always here x
    HI Jo! Thanks for the friendship and have now figured who you are! hope you have fun training and let me know if there is anything else i can do to help?
    now I know how you/Sue are connected LOL........good luck with your Flirties training ;0)))
    Hey hun, How u doin ?
    Well I hope,
    I just replied to you in the "event" thread, but thought I best send you a msg incase you don't see it.
    Are you going to the cnd event ???
    hey hun, we're getting there, Ashleigh is doing great now, she is still very tired and dun down, but is improving daily, still dont think i'll ever get used to injections lol, but hey ho its gotta be done , you ready for the op hunny? xxx
    Heehee hun I hope yours didn't do what mine did at 1am!! See my blog for explaination xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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