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  • hey hun, hows you?

    im off for a play at emmsys tomorrow, shes gonna have a look at them, see if she thinks they are better enough to have something done, if not im gonna just paint them, they actually looking much better

    any news on the op babes ?xxxx
    haha i always have my hubby doin the chores......he never gets a minute!!!! glad your busy jo i dont think this credit crunch should affect us and our little businesses ....fingers and toes crossed though..i have a couple of clients goin from 2 to 3 week appointments to try to cut back..hopefully thats all that will happen.....x x x
    hi jo how are you.....i have still not seen you drive past my house yet...although my husband said he has seen you.....hope you have been busy....i am practicing my 3d flowers at the mo there are harder than they look xxx
    hi hun, im not too bad thanks, and nails are looking better by the week, page is changed by customizing profile page, theres a thread about it somewhere, but should be a link to click on your profile page hun, if you want a hand with it gis a shout, let us know when your date comes hun, not long now eh and all your probs will be a thing of the past, bet you cant wait hun xxxx
    If you originally registered before the company changed over you will have to re register to be able to get into the site hth
    Hi hun
    I received the offer in an email yesterday, and when i went onto the site into the professionals area i could view the offer,
    if you cant find it you might be best to ring them and ask, their number is 0845 2106060 if you need it hun xxx
    hey jo-anne thats right i am at base i opened there last sept i had a mobile business and worked at a salon in liverpool i was sick of the travellin so rented a room in far so good i am pleased with my results so far for six months,its cost me a fortune to set up,as a lot of work had to be done with the room i rented but i hope it will all be worth it...where are you hun?
    hey hun,
    how about we give you a shout when lelly and nicky come up then...and you come geek meet yayyyy
    Hi huni.......have not got new job YET......still working on that......just waiting for calls.....thanks for asking .hows things with you ???? xxxxxxxxx
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