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    Asian hair level 2 virgin hair to Wella 6/73?

    hi just a heads up i used an 8 with a touch of ash with 40 vol and it came out great and lifted well..with no need to pre condition was lovely too...thanks for all the advice :Love:
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    Asian hair level 2 virgin hair to Wella 6/73?

    she doesnt want any bleach...will do mid.ends then roots last plus its virgin hair
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    Asian hair level 2 virgin hair to Wella 6/73?

    thanks sammy will do xxxx
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    Asian hair level 2 virgin hair to Wella 6/73?

    new client asian with a base 2 virgin hair, wanting asimilar colour to wella 6/73 would have to use 40 vol will this lift it enough ? or is there anything else like majiblond ultra or majilift..matrix etc .i dont really want to pre lighten or use advice would be brill :D cheers
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    Advice needed - colour choice

    is her 4/5 base virgin hair or coloured ?
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    thank you xxxx

    thank you xxxx
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    i agree k-pak all the way by joico ...excellent treatment regime
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    all good thanks hunny hows you xxxx

    all good thanks hunny hows you xxxx
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    RIP Tom Holcomb

    r.i.p. tom my prayers go to his family and friends. he inspired me at a trade show quite a few years ago and hence my training with ezflow...a great man and a great artist
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    Salon consultation- not happy

    I have a few mobile clients that are hairdressers, its great to bounce ideas around with each other....good banter, and a consultation done by 2 people in the know x
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    Question for mobile hairdressers?

    I am work mostly 5 days a week and every saturday until lunchtime....i dont work evenings only for sepcial i dont want my job to rule my life..i have 3 teenage boys to ferry around i have public liability and insurance policies for kits and car etc. i pay n.i via direct...
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    10/0 blonde to an 8

    that is what i was thinking nothing with a 1 or 2 or 8 thats why i was thinking base 88/0 mixed with 88/73
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    10/0 blonde to an 8

    its going over white hair which has been coloured to a base 10/0 x
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    10/0 blonde to an 8

    yeh this is why i thought an 88/0 with maybe 1/4 of the 8/37 i thought the 9 wouldnt really make much difference...i want a difference of the base and highlights without going to dark xxx
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    10/0 blonde to an 8

    i have a new client who is 100 % white she allready has a base 10 full head tint. she wants to go more of a darker beige blonde..with highlights .i am going to foil out some of the 10/0 .for the highlights..would 88/0 mixed with 8/73 be ok i dont want just a flat look.and i want a subtle...