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  • hiya:) just a peak at your album, and oh my god its amazing, did you do a nail art course, i do some playing about in my little salon/room, but its no way was wicked as yours, INEED HELP....:cry: x
    I just had a look in your album, and I just have to tell you that I think you are an amazing nail tech.. Your pictures are all gorgeous!!

    Hi hun
    Just had a delivery frm young nails today. must say i`m liking the frosted pink in the synergy gel.
    Sarah xxx
    Ah thanks for that jo, before I discovered Young Nails I had already bkd a Creative conversion, but hey all the more under my belt for experience. Where did you do ur training hun??
    Got to pop over to Bristol for mine, only bout 40 min on train.
    Are you goin to Excel huni?
    Sarah xxx
    Hi hun. Just popt n to say hi and thanks for the young nails link earlier 2day on the stilleto. I`ve got a young nails conversion course coming up beg of Feb, cnt wait.
    Sarah xxx
    Hi I was wondering how you did the snow flakes on the nails that you posted are the hand painted and if so what brush size did you use?hope you dont mine me asking.
    Great joanne. Glad you're enjoying doing the flowers. from work i've seen on your website, it won't take you long. x
    Did some 3d flowers with the pastel powders, looked very good and that was my firt atempt. im going to practice on myself first! loved the finish on the french with that snow monky. Don't worry i wont give up! i will try and try again you know what its like one day it all just comes together. i will come and do the design class soon, take care Jo
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