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  • Hiya, thanks I would love to tell you what the colours were but I have no idea!!! In that particular pic I did have 2 different purpley browns in but cos of all the colour underneith it takes all different LOL The guy that does it has just competed in the loreal colour comp but dont know how he did yet....that didnt help really did it?!! Lol
    hope you get it sorted soon, it's awful not having a comp lol, I think my lads charger cost about £70,it was a bad design really, it kinked and wore away, exposing the wires, eeek x as well as bits in catch area, arrrrrh, kids hey ?
    hi jodi.. had to stop by to say i love your weightloss tracker- its great.. im on a diet too.. its doing me heed in thou LOL
    I dont mean t seem funny but i have loads of mates n every time i even do my own they r like '' hey you can do mine'' but if you do mine i know they will love them cos my nails are 1million times worse than yours. i have just trained myself hahahaaha how bad is that. hahahah

    i have friends that r addicted to spray tan aswell so that shud defo do well.

    you know you said you wanted t limit it? at what? xxx
    i didnt mean catch owt from heburn there, iv just read wot i wrote. i ment from the pub, u know the name builders have hahahahaah x
    hahahah soz hes a twat, he works up that end all the time, he used t work on heburn flats yrs ago. i said y were from heburn. they had a pint in there, hope he didnt catchowt, hahahahaahah x
    or who, ill have alook on facey, soz iv been msgin ppl and on ebay. want to move house n need a kitchen, hahahaha. my lad said why u not round the road house, dunno what that means? x
    or mint love hearts for nails, that will be mint. xx im laura robinson,what you? the group is lush tan n beauty
    well i just thought with it being vallys day nxt sat, we cuda had a deal on. we could use my stuff and if we have a spray deal on and a nail deal on, they will get to see what you do and will get repeat customers. cos everyone will be attracted by a bargain.honest i dont mind if you use my nails n powder t do the stuff. ill probs never ever learn t do it anyway, i cant afford a course.
    I reckon 20 for spray tan is ideal. xx
    hi, got your message today. cant txt back sorry. yeah thursday fine, iv updated the facebook group and a few ppls txt asking how much the spraytans will be? let me know and ill send another msg. have a look for the group if your on facebook.

    ill get some more card and do a sign or you can make your own, let me know and i can put it up monday.

    Just a thought ---i know we dont have a table, but i have tips and l&p if you want to use them till you get your gear, just cos we could do a valentines package, nails spray tan and wax (dont know if you can wax and spray tan same day, or which way round) or even they could have mins on sunbed. just a thought anyway, let me know. Nice to meet u today, i reckon we'll get on like a house on fire, ignore me if i was waffeling, i had a migrane n didnt know what i was talking about, hahahaha x
    Hi, You pay for the intro pack which is £99 and then the brisa lamp will just be £30 but if you already have one it will only cost you £1. The conversion is free. HTH and good luck if you go for it x x
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