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  • Just seen your msg on my laptop..... your welcome... my mum and dad used to tell me the same lol xx
    Hi I have been looking for a trainer in advanced waxing. You seem to be highly recommended. If you are available to train could you please send me some details on it. Thank you :)
    Hi, I have been reserching into beauty refresher courses and your name seems to pop up quite a bit :) I need to refresh in facials, waxing and swedish massage. I live in the Isla of Man and the college over here doesnt offer any refresher/short courses. Can you help? Any info greatly received :) Thanks in advance
    Hi thanks for your message re: my LED lamp, I am keeping it at the moment, but if I do decide to sell I will let you know! thanks. Fiona
    Hi, I believe you may be able to help me qualify to do male and female intimate waxing. I live near Stockport. Might this be the case? oo I do hope so x
    Well, I'm not qualified in Aroma Therapy yet, so Indian Head or Body Massage? I'm easy either way. Do you do Reflexology? I've always wanted to try it. That or a massage would be amazing. X
    That's ok. What I will do is imagine you are nice to me once a day and giving me a good kick once a day too! xxx
    Wish I was nearer to give you some moral support when you need it and a kick up the arse when you need it more lol, but I will be there with you in spirit!
    Yes he did a 2.5cm margin but needed a 40% flap to repair the excision site so it goes all the war around to the back of my leg too, he then lifted the skin from the leg above and below and pulled hard to cover and close. he said it was really tight so I will feel a lot of pain and discomfort for a while. Better out than in as they say! Hopefully it will be good news on Monday and I can just get on with recovering. xxx
    Thanks sweetie. I won't know until Monday if they got all the cancer from my leg. If not I will have to have more surgery and I hate to think what my poor leg will look like then it's a huge scar now! Never mind, these things happen. Thank you for your concern xxx
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