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  • I don't come on here very often anymore. More about that later. It's a snow day so I had alot of spare time on my hands today LOL.

    Yes it did arrive but I'm just working on my Mega Pro bottle still. I guess i shouldn't leave it too long. I always LOVE a fresh bottle of glue!!!

    Yes I have sent a few messages out to a few lashers &/or salon owners I know.
    LOL I hear ya! Oh that's too bad you're not coming, it would have been so good to meet you!! I'm still hoping to make it to Edmonton in Feb sometime. I'm waiting to see if Wendy (Purple Beauty) is going to go ahead with a lash Summit.
    Hi JoJo! Nice to see you in here, too. I had actually hoped I was taking a small trip to Saskatchewan this weekend. Hubby's business trip. I was going to tag along and try to meet you. Crazy! Have you gotten your glue? Feel free to let other lash techs know about our free glue offer. I am not allowed to on here, as they consider it marketing. Crazy, eh? We have gotten quite a few requests for the free sample bottle of glue, and now our webpage is just humming with activity. I have gotten so much out of being able to be a part of the WUIYMU site, and also here as well, although they delete my threads with no provocation, because they seem terrified that I might accidentally market our products. I get it if this becomes a marketing nightmare site, but when I asked, I wasn't even allowed to tell other geeks we were giving it away as a sample. I feel like I have a whole bunch of new friends now. :lol: Have a great day, my friend.
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