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  • hiya

    i use shellac, Brisa ans acrylic paints. the best pointer is practice. We do Shellac Nail Styles classes throughout the country. You may consider attending one) x
    You did your L+P in 2010 and they already look like they do! I do hope when i do a L+P course mine look like yours after two years. you should be very proud, they are not just ok they are brilliant. You are one of the great techs that people look up to :D. Keep up the good work, i wish i could get my nails done by you, but your too far :(. Hope you are well sweetie x
    Thanks Jo,
    I got my Konad, it came really quickly actually but i've not had any real opportunity to play :(
    I had a little go over the Shellac I was already wearing but the white seemed a little wishy washy? Not as thick as I imagined it would be. Anyway, I need to set some time aside this week to have a go. I've just done my first stiletto nail on myself and I'm really, really chuffed, it's really boosted my confidence in trying new things. It's easy to just stick with what you know.....typing with it is proving challenging though!!!

    Thanks again for your help, I hope you're well xxx

    Speak soon xxx

    Em x
    Hey Jo,
    Hope you're well. Looking for a little advice regarding Konad if you can? I've just ordered some plates, three colours and scraper etc, but my question is, what colours work with Shellac, and how do I use it with Shellac? Do I stamp on the inhibition layer or top coat, D-Sperse, stamp then top coat again?
    Sorry to bother you but you are the Konad guru!!
    Thanks honey,

    Em x
    Oh good, yeah I'm fine. Got a stye, feeling tired and generally can't be arsed, but then that's what I'm always like lol Work is slow so I get bored sitting about all day. Glad you are fine though hun x
    I know about being manic! The Konad girls thought the stamper was good. I thought that the bottom of the holder should be rubber to turn images around. Does that make sense???? So Kelly Rowland was sick so no fame for me :-(
    Hi hun. hows you? New plates are released! Also a funky new stamper. i am tres excited! You have been quiet lately, all ok? xxx
    Hi. You are so right about it being addictive! I cannot believe that this time last year I couldn't 'get it' so I assigned my kit to a drawer until this thread started and I thought I would have another go. Well I now have 37 plates and I am hoping to add some more when I go to Beauty North next month!
    Thank you for all your help and encouragement not only recently but advance thanks for the future. Carol x
    Not first time hun, 3rd I think thats why i suggested waiting longer and scrubbing lips really well lol. Try using D'sperse thats good and its 99%ipa
    You are cleaning your lips with alcohol first make sure that they are spotless, I found that if they were not completly scrubbed then the foil wouldn't stick very strange, make sure you are holding your top lips really taut too but that you are not putting your lips together at all before applying the foil
    Hunni its easy just apply the adhesive like you would a lip gloss but keep it away from the place where your top and bottom lips meet in the middle. Wait until the glue goes clear then wait another 2 mins and apply keeping your lips in the (o) shape and then really smooth over the top lip working it in. Rip it off really quickly. If you notice that there are some patches that need touching up go back in with the adhesive even over the foil it wont harm it and repeat the process until you are happy with the application. It does take a nak but the more you play and practise the easier it gets but the real tric is to not be too impatient with the glue, make sure you give it that extra couple of minutes after it has gone clear and then apply the foil. Apply too soon and it wont work xxxx
    There really is no hurry, please don't feel bad at all. I have a heap of orders to deal with on Wednesday!

    I am all in a tiz as I have a meeting about secondary school tomorrow for Emily and i am not coping well!
    i also found new colours to be pre-ordered!!!!

    I had forgotten about that, you are so honest xx

    Google, bank transfer or chq all work for me, I am a cash tramp LOL
    Hi Jo. just to let you know that I am putting an order in in the next week or so. If you want to pre-order anything now is the time :).

    Hope you are well
    B xx
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