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    I used LA tan for the last 10 years never finding a better tan until Minetan ... love it [emoji7]
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    Does anyone have experience with a spray tan curtain?

    I use one with an extractor, no more tan in my room than with the tent. I love mine as I find the tents are too dark
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    Can’t place silicone curlers!

    Stretch the skin up on the eyelid to stop the gap
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    Spray tanning - feet and hands technique?

    Barrier cream all over hands and feet up to wrists and ankles .... For hands three sprays down not too close then buff knuckles and tops of hands and wrists with a clean tanning mitt For feet spray an X from ankle to toe diagonally each side then buff around ankles and top of foot You will have...
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    New to spray tanning, help

    LA Tanning is the most natural true tan .... I have tried most tans out there and haven't found better yet !!! Fades fantastic long lasting and amazing price [emoji108]
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    Best glue for individual eyelashes?

    The Lash and Brow Company Quality products [emoji7]
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    Where can I get Olaplex done?

    I've been looking also, no salons in my local area are offering it yet I'm in south west London if anybody can help me find someone [emoji6]
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    Lashes-who to train with? The best for training and products, first class
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    Eyelash extension adhesive Amazing products superior quality you won't find better [emoji6]
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    SP glue

    The Lash and Brow Company all they're products are superior quality Can't recommend them enough
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    Lash adhesive for extensions Honestly the best glue I have ever used, also all the other products lashes pads etc are exceptional quality Can't praise the products enough
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    Can you tan through fake tan?

    I tan very easily but the one time I sprayed myself for a holiday, hardly tanned at all, now I know they don't contain any SPF but I have had quite a few clients that have said exactly the same ... Weird but true Be interested if any other tanners have experienced this????
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    Show us your lashes!

    I disagree .... Mixing curls is great but quite difficult for a beginner (maybe that is what TheBeauty ment) A lot of beginners use long lengths which can look spidery! Try using shorter lashes it creates much more volume Mixing curls does work I.e j's & b's, b's & c's, c's & d's, c's &cc's...
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    Alternative to Lash Revolution adhesive The lash and Brow Company's glue is amazing I can't fault it, I used to use lash revolution glue and it was a good glue but this far exceeds any glues I have tried which is a lot Take a look you'll be glad you did 😉
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    Eyelash adhesive recommendations Really great products superfast delivery.... The best glue Iv ever tried and Iv tried a lot !! Great retention, no odour, no stickies could go on They also sell the most amazing eye pads.. I use all the lash and brow products love them xx