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    Comment by 'JoJoJ-C' in media 'L&P Black tips + glitter'

    Hi, i like these :0) x
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    The ~Official~ Strictly Come Dancing Thread

    I think John should of gone shame for Heather. Rachel should not have been in the dance off but hey ho that the show. Think will be good to see Tess
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    Charges for UV Topcoat

    Hi i am training in l&p but like the look of the gloss you get with uv topcoat and so have been looking at buying a uv lamp, at the moment i just want to use it for topcoat but would like to use gel further on down the line in my training and was wondering if its worth buy a lamp or waiting till...
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    The ~Official~ Strictly Come Dancing Thread

    Luv it this year but my hubby dont like it so glad got sky+ lol Like them all and cant wait for the girls dance at the weekend. x
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    Clay Canes With Pink Cancer Ribbon???

    Thank you for all your help on this, love this site. xx
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    New and need advice re courses

    I totally agree, i am doing l&p with them and have to make time to do it. They are also gonna be doing some new course in the new year. :biggrin: Hope that helps.:D
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    Clay Canes With Pink Cancer Ribbon???

    Hi, i have been looking for some clay canes but with the cancer ribbon on them as October is breast cancer awarness month and would like some but cant seem to find any in the uk. Have looked on the dollshouse site and others but none with pink ribbon. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Anybody on here joined Facebook?

    Yeah very true and dont think it would matter how they changed it, i would still be on there or here lol.
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    Hi ya, yeah not bad just gonna start on doing my first card.

    Hi ya, yeah not bad just gonna start on doing my first card.
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    How much alcohol are you eating

    Would like to see this one lol I thinks its all in moderation but hey dont stop a few drinks at the weekend lol.:)
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    Home learn course

    Yeah not to bad, my only problem is its takeing me a bit longer.(But no time limit on course) I want to take my time and get good at each part. They going to be doing some new course - mani & ped and a new nail art course all commin out over xmas and in the new year:). I would recommend the...
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    Personal recognition

    I can hula hoop lol n also write some computer programs and do web sites but that was all a while ago before kids. But you all seem very talented ( wow opening cracker with boobs lol hubby would luv that one lo:biggrin:l).
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    Anybody on here joined Facebook?

    hi im on facebook - Joanne Jackson-clarke i am going to look for some more geeks. Luv facebook, getting used to the new look x
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    Home learn course

    Hi i am doing the essential nails course at the moment in acrylic (l&p) i also like the fact can fit it in around family cos hubby away a bit (he in RAF) and with 2 children i find it easier. Hope this helps. Good luck with what you decide to go for and this site is a great help. Jo :Love:
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    Guinea Pigs Wanted? (for training purposes)

    Hi i live in Fleet, Hampshire. I am willing to be a gpig in anything. Can drive but not that confident lol. I am training in l&p nails so may need some later on. Just pm me.