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  • Hi Jo, it was good to meet you today :) I enjoyed all the company and food, I just read Lous note - I'd listen to her all day if I had the time, bless her she has a lot on her plate. I hope you enjoyed yourself and I look forward to the next meet! Thanks Jo. XXXXX
    Good to meet you today hun, sorry I went on I do get on my Aspergers soap box somtimes and forget its not that important to other people lol Just kick me next time - thats if I get invited to the next Kent meet haha xx
    Jo my advice to you is to go armed with the info and dont take No for an answer xxxxxxxxxxx
    Well looks like the geek meet is a HIT! all round, well done! I will get there really early cos I wanna shop first lol have not been in 6 months... need therapy lol.
    Hi hun have we got a firm yes to Bluewater? If so what time are we looking at, only got to leave by 2pm to get back in time to pick boys up from school. So are we going to have an early lunch i.e meet at 11.30 ish??? xxxx
    thank you for letting me know ill read the thread for info.....i love blue water he he! x
    Jo, sounds good to me, I will tell Lou and Bessie Boo to watch this space for up dates and to aim for 23rd. Cant wait lol we will have a good time. Thanks Debs XXX
    Hi Jo, Just spoke to Claire aka bessie boo, she is doing her CND course next Monday and would love to come to the meet can we make it the next Monday? have you asked anyone yet? Debs X
    Hi Jo, What a cracking idea, now all we need is to pick a day. Have you contacted Handmaiden ? Shall I see if Bessie Boo can meet and LouLou Mc? DebsX
    getting there mate, starting to feel normal.. haha whatever that is. hope you and yours are well..
    aww thankyou for the comments on my pic hun,
    I'll have to get a pic of them fighting though...you will soon see they not really gorgeous lmao :D xxxx
    maybe we should meet near you then to make a central point for the rest of us to equally travel to (other than you lol) got any good pubs in Rochester for lunches and chatting? lol
    Hi Jo, I did arrange one couple of years ago, met rose143, and 3 others who I cant remember as they dont come on here anymore. Bessie Boo, Lou Lou mc, would come! who else do you know? we could meet you half way to Rochester.
    Look forward to it. DEBS XXX
    Hi, have said YES to friend requet, thank you. see you live in Rochester, I am in Bexleyheath we would meet up sometime.
    No didnt go ,as it was my 1st anniversary sunday.Didnt think it would be fare to drag my hubby round the show.lol. He wanted to spend the day together,bless him. we went for a meal at lunch time,it was lovely ,great day.As some geeks have said the show wasn't all that this year.Ill go next time.Is there one in sep ? have a great day hun.xx
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