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  • Hi there! :) I was wondering where abouts in Devon you are? I'm in Exeter and the woman who usually does my nails has just given birth so she's baby-ing and i have a lack of a nail tech! :D Found somewhere today to get my nails done as I know if I leave them another day I won't have any left to work with. Was wondering if you sculpt or use tips? and what system do you generally use now? and if and when for availability? I work till 8pm in the evening and till 7pm on fridays :S funny times I know! Anyway, hope you are well and had a good xmas and new year x
    Hello HUN, i am using CND also, can you please explain your step process as i am having issues with clients lifting within days :(
    Coastal Scents: Micas, Oxide & Fillers

    There are a few other sites. But I really like this company. Have loads of fun mixing! And remember that it takes VERY little pigment to color a lot of powder!
    Hi, sorry Ive only just remembered I hadnt replied to your message! lol Yes I am working already, I rent a room in a haridressers which I have been doing since decemeber. Its now getting really busy and starting to pay off after all that sitting around waiting! I only work 2 days a week as I have the kiddies, but I have a feeling people are going to start demanding more!!
    Hiya, yeah Im fine thanks, how are you? Yes, I have finished my last assessment! Woo hoo! Really glad they are all done. Just got to go back in to do the Avant Garde this week and then its done. But still going back in in July sometime, thats when they lady from Creative is coming to assess us. So hows things with you? Are you busy? xx
    Thanks so much for the picture comment... just had a look in your album and your work is lovely x x
    Ah yes, Body Beautiful!!At the moment,there is quite a bad reputation for them.They dont have a nail technician anymore.From what I have heard, the last person that was there was not too good.I am guessing that cant be you,as she only left last yr sometime!!I have had loads of customers come into me saying their experience there was not good!Avant Garde is 3d nails with acrylic,its something completely imaginative,wild&wacky!Still thinking of ideas at the mo!My tutors are Holly&Ann Marie - I think Ann Marie is new this year.Who did you have?We had Caroline&Holly last year.I havent worked in a while,as I have 2 small kiddies - 3&11 months.We were market traders before we had the kids.When I was pregnant with my second,I went to college&done the nvq2 in nails.Its great and I love doing it.Do you think you will go back to nails?We havent used Creative for the mani/pedi.We used all the usual cheap crappy stuff!lol I am also considering doing the Spa Conversion course :) xx
    Ah cool! Where did you used to work? Was it doing nails? I am training at south devon college....did you train there? I dont think I could go back to doing anything else but nails now! Yeah the nvq3 is good, much better than the nvq2! Ive done most of my assessments now and passed them all first time, just got one left to do after the holidays...a gel sculpt. Then in a few weeks we've got to do Avant Garde - not sure about that one yet!lol We are using Creative, and at the end of the course (sometime in July) somebody is coming from CND to test us, and if she passes us as well then we get a certificate to say we are trained with creative - the foundation course. That will be good :) How come you stopped doing nails then? xx
    Hi, yeah Id def get both of them! :) I live in Dawlish, not far then! I done my nvq2 nails (mani,pedi,fibreglass) last year at college, and am back this year to do nvq3 which is for acrylic,gel etc.. Almost qualified now! What do you do? Do you work in a salon in NA? xx
    Hiya, just replying to your thread about the topcoat. I use both Super Shiney and Air Dry. I tend to use Super Shiney if a client has glitter because it really brings it out :) Also, I noticed you live in Devon, me too! Where abouts do you live? xx
    Yeah I work for myself find it easier what with the kids. I did work in a local salon to cover the christmas which I really enjoyed and I would like to do again just for the regular clients and to get my timing down as I found that when I worked in the salon my timimg was coming down but since leaving its garn back up lol. I also like having work mates to talk to about nails and everything lol.
    hi just seen message , I have trained to do waxing aswell but I mainly do nails but I do love doing waxing just dont get anyone to wax so I dont get to do it much:cry:. do work full time in a salon?
    I live in plymouth so not to far. i see you do beauty are you trained in all aspect of it?
    Hiya, just got back from Turkey and it was up to 44 deg everyday and 25 deg at night. Had a great time, back to work now , never mind, how are you? Going on holiday this year or not?
    Yeah, im fine, been pactising on tips, going well, do you work everyday cos i will call in one day when i am off to say hi. Going to Turkey on monday for two weeks, then getting back to the diet as i am getting married on 6th September in St Ives x
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