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  • thanks.as its not going to be a regular thing the product touching the skin is unlikely to cause the client any problems but for the bead i picked up to fill the gap i did work slightly drier to lesson the over exposure risk by wiping out a little more liquid an then worked as normal for the next bead.if you're a little worried you can apply cuticle oil to the skin before but after applying the tips and make sure you use clear powder over the tips to keep them bright white :)
    Hi just take a look on Tutorials on here on form fitting or supersonic sculpting. The only time I will tip is if nails are really really flat or with square C curve but not often. Once you have done your full set with forms you just have to keep re-balancing so I only ever do new sets on new clients. Try doing 1-2 nails every time,swap to well less tips also these are much easier. When placing your bead down place it where their free edge should be and make sure your form is fitted correctly with no gaps, look down barrel of the nail and form should fit perfectly in line. Where do you live hun? I am in Kirkby and go up to Leeds with julia to do my training aswell.
    hiya, just read one of your posts hope you dont mind me sending you a message! What course are you planning to do at CND @ Leeds?
    No the lamps wont work over here, you would need a distributor to use the voltage that is in the lamp in america over here in the uk. Why not get it from the CND distributor here in the uk.
    Thanks for your advice on the lamp.
    However as I'm here in Florida I thought I'd buy some CND products so I've looked on the .com site and got a list of distributors in Florida but as I don't know them or the location to me here in Haines City- not much use!

    I went to the Kissimmee store near Super Target today but it was tiny and didn't sell anything I needed.

    Would you be able to advise me of where I could purchase anything from CND near to where I am please.

    We're visiting the Disney parks so anywhere between Haines city and the airport would be fine or within 20 miles of Haines.


    Jo x
    Hi just read your message. I am not sure if the lamp would work in the UK as the voltage and frequency are different in the USA (lower voltage here). Also you would have to have a license so I reckon the reputable wholesalers that have the lamps would probably not sell them to you. Sorry.
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