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  • Hiya, Yeah I'm gonna go I think, my folks live in Meath so it's easy enough for me to go.....Its on Snday and Monday, but I'll probably just go the sunday.
    Thanks a mill hun for all the help, saw the ad u were talking about on the online version of the paper, not sure bout renting a table as the only full day I would have at the moment is Saturdays and I don't think id be able to give it a proper go with just one day a week. Think I mite just bide my time and see what happens. Best of luck opening ur salon bet u'll be great xx:D
    Hi ya, I did the course in Ballymount in Dublin. Was there some in the paper I never looked, thanks a mill. Im from Oola bout 20 miles from limerick but have a full time office job in ballysimon which is looking kinda dodgy at the moment so would love to work in a salon part time to gain experience and maybe go full time at some stage. Are u from the city??
    They changed my name for me yippee!!!.. don't forget to join our new social group for Irish techs
    I'm from Dublin and live in Portlaoise... where are you from?... are you going to the show?.. I see you use Calgel.. how's it going for you.. are you busy these days?
    Hiya.. think all us Irish geeks should stick together.. just wanna say Hi!! x x
    Not at all, like to help technicians whenever we can....The Purple you can mix with your clear is CGA6S on the amazing nail colour chart, you only need a small amount to give it a very slight hint. If you e-mail me on karenb@calgel.co.uk i will e-mail you the full instructions.
    Hi Joanne, Yes I will do, I am interested in Go-Gel as it seems a bit cheaper and has good reviews but if no-one can tell me how to apply it there's no point in trying it! Lol. Ah well. x x
    Hi there, welcome to salon geek. I only joined last month and cant believe that i hadnt joined before now..great advice and tips everyday. Oh and im from ireland too. enjoy !!!
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