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    hey hows things with you for me im good and living a tanned life lol
    Hi Jonathan
    I noticed in a previous thread that you mentioned used climazones were available. I'm about to sign a lease on a hair salon which has no equipment and as this seems to be pricey but necessary I'd welcome any way of cutting the costs a bit.

    Ta Astral
    HI Jon, thought you could do with some friends? Still like your aviatar - doesnt look like you though? (Well at least not last time I saw you but that might have changed?)
    Hey Jon...good seing you on the are you and Lisa and the kid's.
    Are you exibiting at Gmex in Oct..we will be there ..maybe we can meet up for a catch up
    Take regards,...frankly hopefull ;0))
    Hi jonathan,
    I have been reading through your posts,
    as I am hoping to purchase a pair of ghd's,
    I just want to thankyou for all of the input you give,
    You are always detailed in your posts, and are unbiast..
    I now understand a lot more about them just by reading your posts than I did from 2 days of googling lol
    So again...thankyou x
    Emma x
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