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  • youre very welcome can you post as received on geekbay if you havent already xx
    hi hunni hows it going? not seen you for ages.... i`ve opened a salon now over halton view just nails & a little beauty pop in if you get a min be good to catch up xx
    OH joolz - I so wish you'd come it was the best thing ever. It's completely re-inspired me, was well worth it I cannot praise it enough. Might have had 1 sip too many of booze tho x x
    Hey up girl
    How the hell are you - are you going to the event - we can have a right catch up - as long as i'm not too gin'd up lol
    x x
    hiya im ok just really mad busy how are is is ages since ive chatted with you
    hiya hun will you tint my eyelashes for me when i get my date to go in hospital, can`t bear the thought of not wearing mascara! xx
    hiyahun how`re you doing? whats been the matter with the little one? hope she`s ok now xxxxx
    My friend wants to know some details.
    She has some temprorary ones put on in the college the other day, but would like something more permanent,....

    Can you pm me with details hun...how long they last, whats involved briefly...how much...and where and when you can do them roughly lol...

    Thankyou hunny xxx
    hi joolz, i have a small nail studio in cronton we are neighbours i think it would be nice to have a nail buddy in the area xx
    Joolz hun,
    Are you doing those permanent eyelashes ?
    I think they are called permanent, Im not clued up on this stuff lol,
    Can you let me know asap hun xxxx

    (ooo just saw my last message...I forgot all about that lol...Im ready for a nail play whenever you are :D
    Joolz me little luv !!!
    Dont suppose you fancy a free set of nails do you ???
    I want to practice with my HD lol ....
    If not no worrys babe,....
    Hope everything is ok with you :hug:
    Lv emm xxxx
    thanks for your msg she came out the hospital at the end of last week so all ok now and i hope everythings ok with you?
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