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  • Hi, I dont actually use the soothing range from NYR as my rep advised me against it for starting up (to save money), she said as all the ingerdients are natural and organic I wouldnt need it! So i wouldnt know about the smell but you've definitley put me off :D X
    Hi Jo

    I always wear gloves when doing nails or feet right up to the point of applying Shellac or Bio (and massage).

    My nails stay lovely and shiny, they've never been dulled or ruined. But I never ever use products with my bare hands.

    Not even at home lol. Rubber gloves for everything, washing up, peeling vegetables even cutting up chicken lol. xx
    Gelish Top It Off is fantastic over Bio Sculpture as a final layer. the shine stays for the whole 3 weeks & is flexible just like Bio Sculpture.
    I do ask the client first which they would prefer & they all ask for T.I.O instead
    I trained with Bio Sculpture & love it but as it is so expensive for me to buy I charge £35 & £28 for Gelish which quite a few have changed to now due to cost only.

    Shellac was my first choice but they were having quite a few problems at the beginning & I didn't want to get people hooked & then not be able to get it. So I wen't for Gelish.

    I did go a bit mental when I found Harmony/Gelish were going to sell to Sally Salon Services & then found out they were doing home kits which seemed to be aimed at the public, so far so good, Harmony/Gelish will only sell if you have a trade card & they do VAT free once a month, normally last Thursday of the month.I still don't trust them any more, that is why I went for Gelicure which I have been pleased with so far. Could do with some more colours though.x
    Yes, a great help thanks. I am just trying to work out which to go for when they have their 3 for 2 offer at the end of April but didn't want to double up on ones that were the same as Gelish.x
    Lol no I change it a lot, I love him too, but I've changed it again to reflect my frustration on the forums at the moment haha xx
    Bless your heart, thank you so much. That's really boosted my confidence :) I only qualified in September :p xxx
    Hiya! I'm on the hunt for different wipes. Searched Sally's but have lots of options ... Sally Express/Sally beauty?
    Hi jo
    Thanx for your message regarding lashes, my problem is that I'm allergic to all glues its a nightmare and my last trial a few weeks by another technician was a nightmare so I'm not going to risk it again its too painfull!!:( Your lashes look great by the way well done where are you based out of interest?
    Hi Jo,

    I bought mine from my local craft shop (Strikers). It cost £3.75. I have seen them in Hobby Craft but not sure on the price.
    If you get one, I suggest that you spray furniture polish into the tray and let it dry before you use it as this stops the glitter from sticking and helps it to 'slide' down the funnel.

    Best I've found is to mis it with sgel. I think so anyway!
    Get a real piddly cover of gel if I sprinkle. & I don't really wanna be pressing in with my fingers?!?! Lots do that too???
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