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  • Hello, looks like it's been a while since this post was wrote on.. so may be a long shot.
    Please could I have the ratios for the slate grey.. just want to finally get it right. X
    Hi, can you send me the formulas? Im looking for a violet platium
    Just so you know Ashli, jrobinson has been absent from the site since 2013.
    Hi could you send me the ratios for the Wella kp colours please x
    jrobinson has been absent from the site since 2013, so you may prefer to create a new thread with your hair related question.
    Hi please could you send me the ratios for the wella pastel formulas you posted. I am new to wella and would love to try these out. Thanks in advance x
    Hi there. I was just wondering if you could send me the formulas for your wella formulations you posted (ie. Slate grey, purple haze, mink)...but could I trouble you to have all the formulas? (I know that sounds super greedy but I'm drooling over the thought of trying them all out). Thank you,

    Hey there I also want all her formulas haha it says she's not been on here for a while and she stated to add her on Facebook but I cant find her do u have any luck? X
    Hi i would love the ratios for the wella pastel formulas posted.. have you any luck getting them. Thanks in advance Xx
    Hey luv how's you doing?! Was wandering if you could please PM me the mixing ratios for the different koleston shades?! Many thanks! :)
    Hey guyss, haven't been on here for years!! 2010! sorry for all the missed messages about ratios etc...add me on fb for more response.... jenna robinson :)
    I was just wondering if you could message the ratio for Metallic Red for me. Ive had red hari for a long time I just really need to spice it up a bit. getting bored... lol... my hair right now is a 55/46 + /65 and /45 I want it more red less orangey red
    Hi!! Just wondering if you have time if you have a good wella mix for very silvery/ashy, on pre lightened hair. Love your tutorial!! Thanks :) xx
    hi could you please send me measurments for all your colours as they sound great many thanks
    Hi could you please email me some of your measurements for blues? I'm looking for a nice bright blue on pre~lightened hair. My email is I would greatly appreciate it!!
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