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  • Hi, thanks very much for your reply but I checked and your 63 miles away which is a bit to far, I am gutted though, I would have come despite the distance but I cant afford the petrol money I am currently unemployed and every spare bit of cash is going towards my training, thanks again for your time and offer. Trisha
    Hi there

    Don't know if this has crossed your mind yet - just had a school call me, wanting me to do something at their school fair. Did my daughter's school last year, painted kids nails and put stickers on. I charged £1.50 per head, was the busiest stall there! I made just under £70.00 for 2 hours!

    June/july is the time for school fairs. Start ringing around your local schools - you could easily do that!
    Looking forward to meeting you though hun and having a chat about what we could do together possibly in the future x
    When we meet up for me to do your nails for prep for my final CND day we can discuss stratergies, etc for pushing parties in my areas and yours.
    Brilliant - will keep you updated re parties! Still haven't heard about the Alfreton one - might give her a call this weekend and find out if it's going ahead.
    Have gone with CND - do the course 25th April so free for clients after this.
    Either going to do pedicure through Pink this month or the mani & pedi with CND which is around £180 odd which I cannot afford for a few months! Not sure which one to go with!
    I did my VTCT Mani/Pedi at college - only took 8 weeks (1 day per week). Very enjoyable and learnt loads. I think it cost about £90.00.

    small groups as well - only 4 in our group.

    Off to sort my own hands out now - going for an indian tonight!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and keep practising!
    Not not done any mani or pedi course! Maybe I should have!

    Have managed a semi decent hand this afternoon so I am slowly progress I think - its ahell of a lot better than what I have done so thats positive.

    Not looked at dates yet for Facials - possibly May/June time - will have to get their new course dates off them!

    Thakns for replying to post re Creative - I knew they were'nt going but a lot of companies do VAT free offers when the shows are on, even if they aren't going - I was hoping they might be doing that!

    Don't get disheartened with the nails yet - it needs lots of patience and practice, then it will come together. Still not 100% happy with mine yet - but i see improvements after every set. I haven't had that many nail clients, but things are picking up now!

    Have you already done a mani/pedi course? If so, you might only want to do the Creative Spa course.
    I want to go to Pinks to do my Ear Candling. When you thinking about doing the facials there?

    Yep I am wearing my fingers out totally an dkeep filing my thumb as I file so muct get some flexwrap!

    progress is slow though I have to say - trying not to get disheartened! Maybe I should have started with the manicure and pedicure course first!
    Hi MrsR!

    Doing good! Daughter broke up from school yesterday for 2 weeks, so took her and her pal to Nottingham for some retail therapy today!

    I have been getting lots of calls for work - a lot wanted facials which I don't do, so i've had to turn them away!

    Will definitely be going to Pinks to do their facials course next!

    How's practice going - are you wearing your fingers out?
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