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  • So glad you are better hunnie, sorry not messaged or text you - been ill and have started my L&P training!
    Hi Nikki

    Am fine now - no more pain!

    Regards the tanning - will show you my machine when you come over.

    Tantrick is a good one to go with - fab lotion and excellent machine. Quite pricey - but was definitely worth it!

    Awwww hunnie gallstones are painful - major hugs. How you doing now?

    Real name is Nikki.

    Tanning - yes hoping to do this soon, hoping to do lots this summer LOL

    Been off work all this week sick (gallstones!). Now pain free - am due back in on sunday morning! Like you I work shifts, so only have to work until 12.30. Then I'm working monday and tuesday as well. That's me done then - only part-time.

    After that, I've got 3 acrylic nail clients weds/thurs and a party for 8 x 14year olds on saturday!

    By the way, what's your name - can't keep calling you Mrs R!

    Notice you posting about tantrick - do you do spray tanning or are you planning to? That's another good add-on - kept me afloat last summer!

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