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    Lash Perfect or Flirties?

    Bit surprised by this post since I was the trainer for Flirties for that area until a few years ago. I don't recognise you from your profile and would love to know who this is. To my knowledge I have never had any negative feedback as a trainer for flirties and I have never run the courses...
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    Spray tanning training

    Try beautytrix
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    Window shutters

    Hi Am looking to get folding window shutters for security in my salon. Can anyone recommend a good company and give me an idea of what sort of price I can expect to pay?
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    Flirties eyelash extensions

    Hi If its the large kit you usually get a case, but with the starter kit its a organza bag.
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    Volume lash training

    Hi Try for volume lashing courses in Scotland good luck!
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    What product and where to train in eyelash extensions

    Hi There are lots of companies out there offering lash extension training. Take a good look around and call them. Ask about what their training entails ie is it 121, or group training? Do you learn on a plastic head, model or each other? What does the kit contain? Is it accredited etc? This...
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    Brow extensions, semi permanent eyebrows?

    Hi Beautytrix now offer this training/treatment. Kelly is the trainer for Manchester and she also offers treatment in that area.
  8. Brows before

    Brows before

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    Microdermabrasion good for salons?

    Hi Its one of my most popular treatments. Better to buy a machine rather than rent tho.
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    Experienced lasher needed near Dublin

    Hi I have a client who is moving over to Ashbourne, near Dublin very soon (3 weeks). She is a regular 2-3 week lash client and would prefer someone who uses Flirties products. Anybody out there (must be experienced and preferably specialising in lashes) please pm me your details and I will...
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    Having a reaction to Flirties glue, help!

    Hi this is a tricky one - never heard of the therapist being allergic before! A couple of things you could try:- 1) Switch to sensitive glue if you are using the expert strength 2) If already using the sensitive, try wearing a facemask (this could stop the vapours irritating you Hope...
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    Brow Perfect - On The Fence

    Hi There are several companies offering brow extensions now. You don't necessarily need hair to put them on - some can be attached to the skin.
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    Name for men's shaving salon, ideas?

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    Which lashes?

    Hi You could do a conversion course which would be cheaper. Beautytrix offer one and for any extra therapists doing the training on the same day, the training is cheaper. Take a look at