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  • Hi Julia, thanks for the lovely comment :) going to miss not going to the academy next week. Hope Sarah is feeling better soon x
    Hi Jemma, thank you for your lovely comments. We do do 121 training here in the Manchester Academy and would be more than pleased to see you. Are you local to us?, you could pop in anytime to discuss how to best get thta confidence soaring! 0845 2000 311 / 01942 67 55 80. x
    Hi i currently use Nsi products but the more time I spend on here the more I read about CND products. In self employed and have rented a room in a hair salon for years I try to attend seminars ect so I don't become set in my ways as I'm the only nail tech at the salon, so....I was wondering if you could let me know how much a 121 with yourself would cost? I qualified at college over 10 years ago and have worked in this industry ever since so I must be doing something right but I still doubt myself now and again and would love the opportunity to have somebody so highly thought off and as experience as yourself to inspire me! Thank you Jemma
    Hello! Lovely to hear from you!
    Im back in Gib and done Shellac on my clients, who had no idea what it is.. So took a bit of convincing.
    Doing an introduction price for a week, as I know word of mouth is the best way here in Gib.
    So far I haven't found a salon doing it! Which is interesting! Scared to say that really lol.
    Was lovely to meet you! I will be spreading the Shellac word on!
    Take care xxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks so much for today Julia, it was a great course. Iv'e already tried it out on my daughter and she absolutely loved both treatments. See you soon for the Shellac and Gels :) xx
    Oh Julia I'm gutted I would love to have come to the academy on the 6th to see the demos for the Sienna spray tan but it's my little girls birthday party that day so I can't make it. Any other time you will be demonstrating it as I'm really interested in the fast developing one. I was phoning sienna up tomorrow to ask for some samples. Thanks for the offer by the way.
    Hi Julia, Yeah been a geek for a bit, but only really been on since I got the app on my phone, yep you will be seing me very soon, how is the business going? x
    Hi Julia, i just wanted to say thankyou for offering your help in regards to me finding a nail tech, I have found a suitable technitian now and im looking forward to her settling in with us at the salon. Much apreciated your help tho.
    Kind regards, Rachel
    Rig10 here is my email to send over the doc :- julia@creativeacademymanchester.co.uk
    Our address is Creative Academy + Manchester, LLoyd House, Orford Court, Greenfold Way, Leigh, WN7 3XJ. Telephone us if you need directing 0845 2000 311. We reopen Jan 4th. But you can email the add over as soon as you like and i can get it ready to go with our first eblast. Jx
    Wow! thankyou Julia that would be fantastic.. firstly i can have it put on a card no problem, would you be able to let me know where your acadamy is and i can drop it in to you, secondly a word doc i can get e-mailed over to you asap i just need the adress to mail to.. once again thanks for taking the time to reply its much apreciated.
    Hello julie, My name is Rachel.I have been pasted your name by a fellow geek to see if you can help? i am a salon owner in Manchester and the beauty therapist/nail tech we had has left us for pastures new, we have our hair clients waiting to have there beauty treatments done but i am having difficulty finding someone. the room is a 1st floor mezzanine over looking the hair salon and the nail bench space is actually in the salon,we have just moved into this new salon from our old one so the place is pretty nice. im open to negotiation regarding the rent but the last therapist was paying 20.00 per day for the use of both the room and the nail space, is this reasonable????? i dont mind clients going through the salon phone and we have always been happi to book people in for beauty treatments on the days she worked when she wasnt here , i also allowed posters and advertising on our hair website to help build a clientele as i know how hard this can be. Full time would be great but part time would be ok too, i think i am being really resonable compared to some of the horror stories i am reading on here, any suggestions to help would be appreciated :eek: xx
    Hi Julia, just wanted to say thanks for the Shellac training this week (you were great!!), my clients are loving it, will prob be in for the rest of the colours this week!!! see you soon. Lauren.xx
    Julia, I called that company today x Sounds great, got to call them back on Monday xxx Turns out i can get my 3 day business course, for free and one to one training xxx Thank you for your help xxx
    julia i so badly want to get into doing teaching of some kind whether its tanning or nails have you any advice for me? xx
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