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  • Hi July,
    We use the Post Office cash collection service. It's about £11 a day for them to come and collect all of the money we've taken in per day and take it to their offices, before depositing it in the business bank account. It's really handy seeing as I live quite far away from some of my locations :)
    Hi, did my wow brow training yesterday and today at our salon in Essex. Would just like to say how much we all enjoyed it! We are all sporting fab new brows and have learnt so much from your trainer Sam. Now I'm off to practice my threading so that I can do it with the skill and precision that Sam does! Also, I can't wait for our powders to come in. What a fantastic product x
    I had the Layla Cosmetics stand right up at the back. Holographic Nail polishes, what were you showing? xx
    Hi. How did you find Olympia? I was right at the back and found it so quiet :-( xxx
    HI, Do you come into a salon to do a high definition brow training course?
    V interested if you do?
    Hi July, could you please tell me if the brush comes with powder or should be bought seperately? is the brush made of plastic or hair as it looks very coarse in the picture? Do you have any website to see the prices and order? Thanks.
    The threading is going well thanks Im slowly starting to get my speed up, hope you are keeping well.
    Emma xx
    Hi, I'll check the diary when I get into work tomorrow and PM you to confirm date/time etc.

    Hi July

    Did you find a glycolic course?

    I would really like to offer skin peels in my salon but I need to get training first to get insurance but I don't really want to be tied to a manufacturers brand eg nimue as i can supplies of the chemicals cheaper elsewhere such as bravura.


    Hi July,
    I am writing to you as I know that u posted the messages a long time ago now regarding coping with step children, i was seeking help on the net and came across your messages. I am in the same situation and I desperately need somebody to talk to who understands. Do you mind if I message you about this topic and you can tell me how you coped etc and some advice!!!!!!!!!!
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