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  • Hi I hope you dont mind me messaging you, I currently looking into doing an eyelash extension course here in Irelands, I come accross some of ur lash pics and they look great! I was just wondering who did you train with, I know very little about eyelash extensions and the more I research the more confused I get.. I have been looking at the up to my eyes course but it seems very expensive at almost 700e including the looking for a good course with good training and a good quality starter kit.. Any advice would be good!!
    thanks for your reply. i do go back over them at the end and separate the stickies but sometimes its just impossible where a couple baby lashes close to the lash have adhered to it. the one i use is 2-3 sseconds but i am sure it takes more than that. maybe i am putting too much on because even if i hold it for about 5 seconds, then leave go, you can guarantee they have stuck to the natural lashes
    I love looking at your lashes. I use eyelash emporium ultra platinum and getting so frustrated with it. have you tried flirties or lash revolution pro plus at all? I just find that the drying time of the ee one is just too slow and find that the lashes next to the one i am doing always end up sticking to it.
    Hiya! I haven't logged on to Salon Geek for AGES cos have been so busy but came across the show us your lashes thread this morning and I am impressed with your work!! Well Done!!!!!!!!!
    Far too addictive when trying to get work done!! The thoughts of going out in that rain is seriously depressing! Whereabouts are you based?
    Hello! Fellow Irish Geek here..always see you on the main board so thought I'd say Hi
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