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  • Hiya, I'm afraid i'm not a qualified Tutor - just qualified in extensions. Although i'm experienced and have read everything i can get my hands on and have 2yrs salon experience - I'm not qualified to teach others to insured standard... Sorry i can't be of more help.
    Hiya Joanne.

    I am the Tantrick trainer in your area.

    Let me know if you want any info.

    hi again ive just bin on that celebrity secrets tanning website couldnt beleive the prices rly in expensive iv bin buyin st tropez and its alot mre expensive iv opened an account and im gonna contact them tomorrow to come and do some training once i gt the salon open in few wks thanx again for that
    Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my fruity nails!
    I got the fruit canes from HERE
    I am self taught when it comes to nail art. I have always been "arty" so it can naturally for me. If you struggle with nail art you can always look at additional courses with your training provider.
    if you want to look at more of my designs i am on facebook let me have your contact on facebook if you are a member and i will send you a friends invitation
    hi well i do think that is a little steep price for 4 hours do you get a kit with it?... i also teach but as you can see im in cyprus... my advice would be to try and find a well known company they will offer you value for money even if you have to travel for the day.... when i teach i teach brush control as the basis then i teach designs.. i think it is very important to be able to use you brush in the correct manner. onnce you have this you can then copy designs and create your own.. do you ever get any of the nail mags?
    I do Nails (creative) Spray Tan (Tantrick) Lash Extensions (Flirties) & Waxing. I am the trainer for the North East for Tantrick & Flirties and i also work for Wow Factor (owners of Tantrick & Flirties as their Sales Manager.

    Let me know if you want any info on Spray Tan and i can get some info out in the post for you.

    Def ring Biz link and tell them that you are now looking in to a salon, as they can offer dif help!!

    Let me know if you want anymore info.

    Don't mind you messaging at all. Not sure I can help as I'm not on here too oftern. You can post questions in the Forums - everyone's really helpful and I'm sure you'll get some good advice. Which village are you in? Tracey
    Hiya Joanne, your best bet is to contact Business Link. Google them to get their number. They will send you a load of info in the post on what to do when 1st setting up, what to look out for and every thing else. They are really good. They will also tell you what kind of help you can get.

    Are you looking into doing any other treatments??

    thanx adele wot do u specialise in im a newly qualified opi technician looking to open a salon and wd any advice and support also lokking to train in other areas to offer my clients other treatments ie:waxing spraytanning
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