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  • Hi Tania, I am in Timaru and was reading the posts regarding the book NailClass. Did you eventually manage to purchase a copy, if so can I ask where? I have found from past experience that is is normally cheaper to purchase from the states than from UK. I tried to buy from Amazon but they didn't have. Am wondering if Creative would consider purchasing and keeping a limited number in stock?? I may ask them next time I am speaking with them. Anyway, hope everything is good with you, love to hear from you if you have time. Rebecca.
    Thanks for your answer :) Glad to help. Has taken me 6 very long years to get here & finally be making some money!! Some advice for when you're ready to give it your all, "foot traffic" & lots of it is what you need! I was finally able to move to a place with plenty of it 4/12/07 & it has made the difference I needed, Yay! What system did you train with? I did CND & love it! Good luck for perfecting day :)

    The original reason for getting on here yesterday was to find as many Kiwi nail geeks as poss in the hopes of finding someone to share the salon with me. Don't need help with the rent etc, it's just that there's room for another tech & I'm turning away enough work that the beginnings of a clientelle are there for someone else :) So thanks for answering, & if you know of ANYONE who might be interested, please ask them to get in touch. Stay in touch yourself, it can mean SO much having support from others who've been longer in the business. Feel free to ask ANY questions & I'll do my best to help :)
    Hey there, yip im still doing nails, when i can fit them in around the kiddies it all gets abit tricky sometimes.lol. Am actually of to do my perfecting day this wednesday, which i should have done ages ago but nevermind im slowly getting there.hehe.And am hoping to sit my assesment very soon as have baby number 3 on the way and realy want to have my cert before he/she arrives.. By the way im in Edgecumbe, BOP.. Cheers Tania
    Hi there,
    Are you still doing nails? If so, where in NZ? I'm in Nelson.
    Cheers, Robyn
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