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  • Hey K-nails!

    Great to meet you on Kim's course the other day. Hope you're getting on well with it.

    Zooks xx
    check you out giving great advice and strutting your stuff on here ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ok on a good note lifting is soooo much better and smile lines are improving every day. But lol it's a big but. When I did my lift prevention with Justine she showed me how thin my daughters nails should be and admittedly they looked beautiful. However Leigh really looks after her nails never breaks them and has no lifting. When I applied the same thinness to my clients they all broke them.. So thicker nails again. But this is making rebalancing a nightmare, now I don't know what to do. I have pm Justine as well I love you both. So here is my question. Would e file training help speed up my times when reducing the bulk. I want to spend more time making the nails look beautiful rather than filing!! But I can't make them thinner cos they break chunks outnof them. Lol I'm such a div but I am trying hard. On a good note shellac is going great xxxx
    hi karen
    thank you, i had a lovely christmas and new yr! ive managed to set my dates for the new education programme, and my dates will be in by next week. what are you wanting to do 1st?
    It's so great when clients work with you! Bless em. By the way, I'm not the great geeg .. Just Gigi ... Honestly. You will just go from strength to strength now, and it doesn't get boring because there will always be challenges plus new and exciting things down the road.
    Well down to you and me. Well done. I'm proud and feel all tingly inside. Lol
    Thats my new business name, you inspired me so much I went out self employed two weeks later all thanks to you kayley xxxx
    They are lovely. By the way I'm seeing Justine on the 17th took your advice she seems lovely can't wait, then I'm gonna do a shellac brings them back class. Then I will try rock star toes lol xx
    Thanks for the picture comments, the rockstar toes are done using beau as a base then fully covered with Stargazer holographic glitter- bought from nail delights. xx
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