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  • Hi there. I've just seen that you know your stuff regarding koleston colours so I was wondering if you could help please? I use Koleston hair colours. My natural hair grabs to warm tones so using 5/77 alone ends up looking a bit ginger. I've been using 5/77, blob of 4/77 & 3% peroxide thinking the 4/77 would deepen the colour slightly but it just ends up looking uneven. I'm wanting to keep a bit of warmth, but I need more base to give the colour depth. So should I mix 5/77 with 5/0 & 3% or 5/77 with 55/0 & 3%?? I want to avoid using 4's cos I don't want it to end up that dark. My natural hair colour is fair, but really ashy. Hence why it likes to grab warm tones. So annoying. I have the same problem with blondes. They always end up looking brassy & yellowy despite using 12/1 & 0/11 - can you recommend a nice cool shade of blonde in the koleston range too please that won't go yellow?? Would using 12/1 & a blob of 0/81 lift better than using 0/11?

    Thank you!! X
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