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    Stealing in my salon

    I'm sorry for your loss and you're being so positive by helping the charity. Do you send out mailshots or newsletters to your client list? You could put out a mailshot with a mention about the upcoming sale, the cause it's going to and exactly why you're doing it. Then mention that at some...
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    Log cabin

    As Kellymare says, you need to check with your council first. Mine will charge me business rates if I do this. You could also check if you have only electrics but no plumbing whether this would come under the same rules. I know my council would remove the rates if I took out all the toilet...
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    Any opinions on Carissa Hill’s Wolfpack mastermind course?

    A few years ago I paid up for a facebook course to learn how to gain more likes, followers etc. A lot of it was paying for ads and putting up posts (3 a day(!) according to this expert). I did get a lot of followers but after 3 years, have only gained 1 client directly from FB. I've realised...
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    Does anyone else with a home salon have an unsupportive partner?

    It may feel that your partner is OTT on security but sometimes you never know. I have a home salon within my house and I've had clients turn up with a friend. I get suspicious when people do that because they know I'm based at home. I did know of one therapist who let the client's friend sit...
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    Worried about my work space

    If you set up as a home therapist you will attract the sort of customer who is happy to go to a home salon. I have been to 2 home salons that were set up in the dining room. One did very well: there was space in the room as the main furniture was pushed away so it didn't feel squashed. She'd...
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    Home salon equals open house?

    Some of my clients used to bring in friends/family who would then sit downstairs and watch tv. I've now stopped that practice. Everyone who accompanies a client must sit in the room with them or wait outside/go to local shops but are now allowed in any other room in the house (exception of...
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    Refunding a course of treatments if cancelled

    If a client books a course of treatments with you then has to cancel part way through the course, do you refund the remainder? I always refund the remaining amount after minusing the treatments they've used, plus I always refund immediately in full. I ask this question because I recently bought...
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    Facial help

    Hello @misslilly83 , For me it's about the touch so yes, massage is key. Also creating the environment can help, so dim lights or candles, soft music, aromatherapy scents.
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    What are your views on selfmade body scrubs for use in the spa?

    I think self made scrubs are lovely and you can personalise them for each client by adding in essential oils, plus making up a small amount means they are always fresh. I would certainly be impressed if a spa made up a personalised scrub for me every time I had a treatment (plus gave me the...
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    Pinks Boutique

    I did contact them before to see their trade products and prices for hands and feet and they were very helpful and ideal for small salons. A friend of mine did take on the brand and was very happy with their service plus the products sold well.
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    What discounts do you give?

    @kittikit, you're way too generous. Maybe the girls are taking it for granted they get freebies and so don't value them any more. I would not expect free treatments at a salon I worked at, maybe a discount, but maximum 50% off and limited treatments as pinkbunny suggested.
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    Mobile to salon owner. Good idea?

    I personally think it's much harder to go from being mobile to having salon premises. Your clients want you mobile because you come to them at their home. If they have to come to you, it's more effort on their part, as well as getting the car out, parking etc. If I were doing this, I would...
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    Back to business after a 3 year break

    Mine is facials and massages. I rarely do nails or waxing as there's loads of nail bars near where I am that do both.
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    Moving my beauty salon to a home based salon

    Your home insurance. We've had to change home insurance a couple of times because the insurance companies think that as you're at home you're more likely to get burgled, that's their theory. Therefore, they either refuse to insure you or they raise it to silly prices. I'm currently with RAC...
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    Where to get products, any recommendations?

    For nail stuff I go to, especially when they have their sales (like now).