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    shampoo for chemically treated hair

    h, the stylist recommended redken, I had the treatment almost a year ago, I did not like redken, and I did not like the stylist, he ruined my hair by dying my hair the same day he did the straightening, so I don't trust him. Your stylist recommended Tigi products?
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    shampoo for chemically treated hair

    I got my hair straighted with Japanese straightening treatment, what is the best (stylists recommend) shampoo. conditioner, moisture conditioner for my hair. I want to stick with one brand that is specifically for chemically treated hair
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    xtenso vs ISO Mane Tamer

    my hair has tight curls, I had Japanese treatment done on my hair a year ago and now I am thinking to have something else because the difference between my natural hair and the straightened hair is big. which one you think is better for me xtenso or ISO. I am moving to a new city and I don't...