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    Anyone else almost done with this industry? Thanks Covid

    I think until we’re completely out the other end, things won’t go back to how they use to be. At the moment, when we dip in and out of lockdown’s and tiers, the world isn’t consistent. My hope and belief is once people can go proper out-out, that’s when we’ll see a surge of clients coming back...
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    Splitting/peeling nails

    I see this post started back last March, but just had to ask about your ‘male’ bitting?!?!? 😂🤣 For 20 years too! Is the nail bed another fetish as well?!? 🤔😉❤️
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    Nail desk

    How about Salon Direct? Lotus Soho Single Manicure Station is a compact station.
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    Single therapist businesses - how do you cope with being extremely busy?

    On my website, I say I'm not taking new clients on. Although if they would like to go on a waiting list, fill in the 'contact form' On my landline I leave a message saying I have no available appointments until 30th June (or whatever date) please leave any message after the tone or a name and...
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    What makes you posh?

    Night skingeek
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    What makes you posh?

    Like it! Not that I'm a 'Vicky' fan, but like the response.
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    What makes you posh?

    I take no offence :) x
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    What makes you posh?

    Not in the slightest. I come from a family on a council estate and am proud. I now have a mortgage and owe money. If I won money, I can't say it would make me any happier. I've had my ups and downs, but still wouldn't change a thing. I've got a husband and two boys, the life we've had 'together'...
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    What makes you posh?

    No, I was right in the first place. I am WHO I am! Should we not just respect ourselves and just except us for who/what we are? Posh!!!!! If that just means speaking with a plumb in our mouth, should we just not add custard?!!!!!!! My dad always said don't worry about trying to be like like...
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    What makes you posh?

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    What makes you posh?

    I am who I am!!!!!
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    Megamix nails. Create your own gel polish colours with eyeshadows, nail polish

    Can you use Megamix with Vinylux?
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    Does any other company make anything similar to Vinylux?

    Thanks everyone. I've only just started to post on here. For a number of months I've only read other peoples posts. Although I've been in the business for 26 years, it's really good to be in touch with other like minded people. It's also so good because although I always go to at least at couple...
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    Does any other company make anything similar to Vinylux?

    My problem is, I already do Orly and then Gelfx (to compliment each other) and IBD Just Gel and their polish (to compliment each other) I'm just wondering if adding Vinylux as well becomes too many polishes. Although I really do love the idea of the quick drying. I could change the whole range...
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    Reclining chair for treatments

    Where does the desk come from? How much is it?