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Karen Minx
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  • sorry to be a pain again lol just wanted your advise im going to purchase my crystals do u no any good places? and also do i need to use the size 9 crystals for the bigs toes and size 6 for others or do i keep it the same size for all ? thank u xxx
    Hello there i keep seeing you pop up on the swarvski pedi group just seen you pics look amazing just wondered if u could give me some information on how much to charge for these type of pedis for south of england? thank u x
    Hi Karen - I have seen you on here before, lovely to meet you today, bit of shame about Jamelia!! I'm going to look at your lovely nail photo's now!! ;) xx
    Hi Karen,
    Just been checking out your treatment room - I L O V E I T ! ! It looks amazing, I am currently converting my spare room into a treatment room, so much to decide on!! I love your wall art, may I ask where you got it from?

    Many thanks
    OK that sounds good - I prefer smaller classes, tend to get more individual input from the tech :)
    Have to say I'm really excited lol

    I relocated to Somerset last year so not that from you x
    I've only got my personal one at the mo, I'm literally just starting from scratch and have 4 weeks to get everything in order before I start trading again.

    Are you based in Bournemouth? x
    Hi Karen
    I saw your discussion topic re where to buy Swarovski Crystals. I always buy mine from Crystal Parade, they have a great selection and very reasonable pricing and they are always really helpful. x
    Hi hun, I store my swarovski crystals in small clear plastic screw top pots, I will PM you a link to them. x
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