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  • Ah congrats well done you! Chuffed for you. My progress is a bit slow with planning the wedding its gone to the back of my mind a bit. Really pleased for you will be checking your blog too hehe x
    Hi, soz t be a pest but i noticed ur doing EN/Course, i have just started n im bit confuzzled!! How many nails did you do before submitting ur 1st card? Can u maybe give me a wee run thru as im at a block now....thanks xx
    How Kaz, How's it going?
    Not had time for the site lately but be glad to hear how you are doing x
    I have done the prep, tip application and blending all on card so just need to build up my acrylic and make some good uns' for my card. How are you doing with it now? xx
    Hi Kaz,

    Got some feedback today and Sarah said I was tipping and blending really well just needed to bulid up my apex a bit more with product application xx
    If I were you I would wait till you hear back and see how your doing with the acrylic, cause gel has its own problems to master as well hun.
    Im sure it will come to us both in the end, I remember thinking I would never get the hang of gel but i did..x
    Hi hun, I am doing the acrylic sculpt, wel trying to, not getting very far at the moment, I just not clicking with it, I seem to be ber with Gel, but I wont give up. Good luck with your card, I hope you do well. And tell your son he's my new best friend lol..xx
    Glad to hear your still practising! I haven't had a chance the last couple of weeks and starting to get itchy fingers to get back to it. The acrylic is going to take a lot of practice, but I actually did my own nail (just 1 lol) and it looked perfect compared to the nail trainer so it is designed to show up the flaws. Im doing the acrylic course also xx
    Hi hun, the course going in need of lots of practice thou! lol Im not very good at applying the Acrylic, im finding it really hard but suppose it will come with plenty of practice. How's yours going? (which one were you doing again?) xx
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