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  • Hi Karen,
    Thank you for your lovely compliments on my work.
    I never got round to trying xtreme polishes. Sorry I can't help you there x
    Thanks Karen, that's really helpful. I'm going to have another look through mine to see if Minx or similar is covered. If not, I could be tempted to upgrade! x
    Hi Karen just after reading a thread of yours and looking for some advice. I only do natural nails like shellac and things. If I were to buy marion newmans book would it be a waste? I am looking for info on contra indications and the anatomy of the nail really and nail conditons. Would Dougs book be better? I dont wanrt to buy the book if I am only going to read a few chapters. :) x
    I saw yours and love it! Verve Design did the layout and Ruth Mills (Salon Alchemy) added the content for me. I did the wording for each page and sent it to her. I also did all the photos and more to be done, lol.
    Thanks hun. My site needs a bit of editing. I need to condense some of the treatments too. Far too many tabs lol. Not enough hours in the day!
    Just saw your thread and have posted.......only thing with the cotton booties is what if you have more than one toenail removal in one day? Come Summer that will be the case...towels are much handier and easier to launder. I use the cheapwhite basics ones from Asda! They are the perfect size and quality is OK and cheap to replace.
    Oh and toes.....not really removed many as clients leave it on that long it has practically grown out !! But when I do I wrap in foil but just wrap foot in heated towels the ones I can heat in the mitts. You can buy bootee type mitts, but I haven't felt the need ;)
    No probs. My heated mitts are just the Babyliss ones from Salon Services. I switch them on at heat level 1 (lowest) before my client arrives and roll up 2 small hand towels and stuff one in each mitt. I find if they lie flat they get waaay too hot and you have to sit holding them open to let the heat out before you can use them. Even with the towel trick still check they are not too hot before inserting clients hand lol! Once both hands are in I switch the gloves off and the residual heat is enough. I don't use the plastic liners for this. I still will wait 5 mins then take 1st hand out and start removing foil and Gelish. I have found though that when I use Structure Gel with my Gelish it comes off much much easier....go figure!
    I should get my remove tubes on Tuesday from S2. I only managed to get 7 as they were out of stock again. I will add a file to it and retail for about £11.00. I will increase my removal to about £6.50 in April.
    You are so right, we don't charge enough for repairs. Have you bought any of the remove tubes as yet? I have ordered some. I love the idea of not offering a removal service. Get clients to soak off at home!xx
    Sure a rolled up towel would do the same job and just cover with the couch roll.. just something to rest the client's wrist on and that means their hand is relaxed and facing down and not straight... nothing worse than a client with her hands all stiff and you trying to pull the finger down to do her nails IUKWIM
    Yeah that's what I do too... always cover with couch roll and then chuck it in the machine when it gets dirty
    That's me... posh all over :lol: ... my hand rest is only like a bit of foam covered in a towel... you can remove the towel and wash it... got it from NSI I think, but can't seem to find one now so I can show you :(
    Just go into my profile whenever you feel like being nosey and hit the F icon under my name and that's gets you straight to my FB page :)
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