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  • Hi. Absolutely love love love your nails room :) Could you please tell me where you got your nail polish wall display from? Thank you xx
    oooooh, a new brush! I love having a new brush, it feels really special for a couple of weeks.
    I'm sure you'll be great with the sculpting once you get over the first few sets, it feels weird to start with because its not what you're comfortable with.
    I think i was lucky to have 2 regular clients who's nail were ust not great with tips, one had tiny tiny fingers and tipping took forever, the other had really wide thumbs which i had no tips big enough for so had to sculpt so i ust had to get on with it in the end.
    LEt me know how you get on with everything :) and get some pics of your lovely nails on the harmony group when you've got some xxxx
    Hi Karen, sorry for the late reply. The ivory natural is quite sheer, it wont cover a tip join. I use it with renew to cover anything i need to. It does look very natural when its on though!
    I dont add anything to my renew pink, just use it as it is.... i try and make sure i use it as thin as possible to keep it looking more natural and i find that some skin tones just dont suit a cover pink.
    I have a mix of bliss pink and renew pink that i use on the odd occasion if i just need to cover a odd coloured nail bed or something.
    My natural ones were sculpted, i dont tip so much now, i think i've got more comfortable with sculpting.
    How are you finding the Fusion to work with? Did you sort out the issues you were finding with the white? xx
    Off on hols in a few hours so gotta go... I'll chat when I get back.. thanks for liking my page and for the FB friend add xxx
    Thanks a mill... I've decided not to go with the wallpaper, think you're right there... OMG I just looked at your Nail Salon pics and realised you have the little round mirrors I was thinking of getting and I have my Shellac racks and Nail polish racks beside each other like your... I was stealing your ideas subconsciously (I honestly thought I was great thinking of that myself :lol:)... Sorry Karen, I'll have to go back to the drawing board on that one... I'll have a sign on the wall next with "I'm not messy I'm just Creative" next :lol:
    Hi Karen... well my room is almost finished... do you fancy taking a look and you can let me know what you think.. I got my custom made pedi chair and it's so comfy for doing tooties now :)

    Here's the link to my FB page so you can see and tell me what you think..

    Karen Conroy Nails | Facebook
    Your Salon looks amazing!!! I would love to get a treatment or two there!!!
    I did see you then! damn wish I'd been brave and said hi now lol! I was stood behind you whilst we were waiting to see Holly!
    Hey! Sorry for the slow reply - have been so busy that have only been geeking on my mobile and cant seem to get this page up on there! Anyway..... I wasn't sure if I saw you or not, would have said hi if i'd thought i did (if that makes sense lol) - what colour were you nails? There was one lady who had purple nails that i wondered could have been you! Didn't want to seem like a stalker though lol Was a great day - but also seemed to do a lot of queuing! I enjoyed just being around other like minded people (one of the drawbacks of working alone!)
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