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  • hi karen on ur post u mentioned about adding friends or sujjesting ur friends too add friends what does this mean ? im a little confussed do u mean u ask ur friends too ask there friends as i dnt have a sujjest a friend add i only ever seen one of thse when some one is just starting out ion fb and there page is empty then u visit there page an it will offer u too sujjest friends for them ...its sounds really good so im hopuing ull reply and fill me in lo thanks hun xx nn glad ur doing so well lucky u im currently doing my level three beauty but havnt done nail exstentions yrt which was my down fall as its what brings in clients for other things so ill have styart from scratch with cliebnts any way look forward too jur reply ...av u got any other tips xx:D
    Hi Karen, what will you be covering in your NVQ2? Are you doing it full time or part time? I found mine to be hard work but so much fun at the same time! xx
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