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  • Hi Karen, I was just wondering if you had any other products etc for sale.
    Thanks for your kind pic comment.... yes they are the Bronze & Gold series. Its just so damn difficult when you want them all spoilt for choice thats the problem.

    Sorry for the late reaction haha. You asked me what did i use for the nails. I sculpt them and build the nails with gel.
    Hi Karen
    Thank you for the soaps hun, they smell divine, i wasn't in when the post man delivered so i have only managed to go and collect them today but i am looking forward to using them xxx
    hi hun, can I ask what you used to mix the pink in your albums,
    I know someone who would like that colour x, Thankyou x
    I couldn't remember your name either, was wondering how you getting on. Yeh I've heard from Atiye, I did some of her waxing, think I'm doing it again next week. Haven't really done any of the man/peds yet, really need to but noone wants it at the mo. Am doing alot of advertising soon so will hopefully get some more clients. How about you? Do you fancy doing a pedicure? I'm desperate for one I'll happily pay or we could do a swap or something. Would really love to see the popits aswell I can't decide if I want to learn them yet. Can't wait to do the brisa though, so exciting xx

    Would love if you could email me the instructions. Did think that was a little bizarre we didn't have any.
    No I've normally got blonde hair, I was dressed as tomb raider that night lol. I think I was on the course with you; I'm Sacha I gave one of the girls a lift home if you were on the same course as me. x
    Hi Karen, just thought I'd say hi, I'm another Essex girl using the CND products. I just love there stuff, although am not brilliant at acrylics at the moment still practicing. I have my Brisa conversion on weds which I can't wait for. Out of curiousity did you Spa training fairly recently I'm not sure if I was on it with you. xx
    Hi Karen
    I have put the pic in my album for you, its not a very good one though, cant really see the stars,
    the lunula is done with a glitter & L&P mix,
    hth Louise x
    i boughtn the minx and its just horiable wast of money. its just for the garbage. dont even try to bye it.
    Hello Rach,

    Cool! I'm currently training with CND. I love it!

    Just discovered glitters. Loving them :)
    Hi Louisa,

    Thanks for the links :)

    I started my CND course on 8th September at Braintree. There are six of us altogether. It's great! I'm really enjoying it, although it is hard work! :)) I've been practicing, practicing, practicing and I think with every set I do I'm getting alittle bit better. I've got such a long way to go though before I'm happy. It seems to take forever to do a set but I'm hoping as I get more practice in I will get quicker.

    Keep in touch! It's nice to speak to fellow geeks :)

    hey here are some links of some i found
    hope this helps

    *removed auction site URL's*
    hey... see your training with cnd! i start my course with l&p in london on monday 22nd sept cant wait.
    where will you be training and when.... im so excited.
    I saw your post in regards to a case.. i think ill be getting a trolly one. have you looked on ebay as they have lots of different cloured one!

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