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  • Hi Karen,
    I was just reading an old thread from last year, did you ever use that smile line cutter you bought? Was it any good? I am always looking for an easy way out, which will speed things up. I was not really looking to use one on my clients, but my own wrong hand.
    Would love to know how you got on with it.
    Love Angela x
    Hi Karen,

    Just want to stop in to say Thanks for the kind words. Hope I get to see you again when I come to Sydney in August.

    Sounds like a fair deal... stick to your guns... remember u are going to be an asset to her business and that is why she wants you... no other reason than that., it needs to work for both of you... my boss ( salon owner) doesn;t even charge me rent any more.. he knows i bring in most of the clients and they all end up having their hair done.. i have grown his business and in turn he lets me work rent free.. works for both of us... the girls hate that i dont pay rent but who cares
    Did you manage to get the Today tonight taped?.. I read your post in the other site about not getting the tv station... it was good. Mindy was on there and Karen from G ?? suppliers... sorry initials lost in my mind somewhere... may never be found again..lol

    she is beautiful... tv loves her. Carl wasnt on there.. i thought he would have been... Mindy gave it to them and she had CND displayed on her nail table..
    Lets hope they all run screaming from those bloody NNS...
    have a look in the my album.. i did my toes with the ezflow pastal kit.... my mum says they look like cake decorations... thanks mum!

    I would be calling EZFLOW and asking them for some product in place of the **** house class they did... that is not right.. i would have been soooo pissed off.. i am pissed off for you...
    they should have had proffesional people there... you dont need to work on smile lines for god sake.... glad you told me that as i was going to book with them in Feb... hopefully they will pick up there act.... well at least if there is not many people down there that do nails you have a good business to build...
    go in positive tomorrow and hope for the best... what is the worst that can happen.... you pack up and find some where else....
    make sure you take something to eat and take some panadol;... you will get used to the fumes and your brain will adjust...just takes some time...
    i have been lookign thru all the nail art on the thread about talent,,,, man there are some great nails there... i would love to have the time adn the paying customers to create somethign like that... my clients are sooooo boring...

    So you would recommend the pink and white in the ezflow?... I am still using the retention + CND with the clear.... I foudn it creamy also and there where no "lines" in the clear like i get with the CND.... I just want to hang on till geeg gets here as i am sure with the right teaching it will be great..... she has been quiet on here... wonder if she is ok.... or on holidyas maybe
    X Mel
    OMG..... I am so sorry i didn't check my mail yesterday.. I was busy in the pool..lol.... Holly **** you have had a bad day...
    Ok firstly... she can't just up the rent on you and expect you to wear it.... 17% doesn't sound that much but if you are buying all your own stuff and supplying everything i would stick to no more that 15% tops.... once you get going you will be earning $600 plus and normal rent is only $50 - $100 a week no mater where you are... stick to your guns..

    The Head ache... join the club... I suffer too... ALWAYS have a pack of nurofen in your desk drawer... this is from having your neck down all day , not eating and drinkign and the fumes... i end up like that most Saturdays as i am to busy to eat...
    I have learnt to keep some little snacks.. somthing that you can take a bite of every 20 mins or so.. I also find if i don't other than the head ache my eyes feel blury and my hands shake..
    You should appeal the parking fine.. that sucks... if your record is good fight it... you should win.
    Get onto those girls about checking with you about your apt times... they can't just keep booking you without checking how long things take...
    Type out a list of how long it takes you to do things and laminate it and put it somewhere near their phone so that they have NO excusses..

    Take a fresh start in the new salon... you are only going to have to start all over again and set it up again... PLUS you don;t want to loose those clients that would normally have come back but becuase of the cramp'd space they may not.

    oh hun I really hope you are having a better day today...
    Isn't the ezflow course on today?... soon?...
    Hey there nice to see another western australian on here.
    Looking forward to chatting
    Good for you Hun.... sort this stuff out right away... tell them you need that extra time... 2 less clients a day is far better than 6 unhappy waiting clients... that is what people hate the most... waiting and you being late... not the time you are actually working on their nails... plus they would rather sit there an extra 10 mins and get it right than rush for the magic hour mark and come out with lifting and all sorts.... stand up for yor self... make sure that the girls ALWAYs get the clients MOBILE and home numbers... just incase you need to txt them to say you are running late... make sure you confirm your apt... mine still just "forget" and that way if you are ever sick they can ring all your clients for you.... well done things are coming together.... what about the waxing ?... decided on that yet?..
    weather is great here again.. i woud hate to live where it is cold and windy... tas is beautiful by sight... not so great if you love the warmer weather...
    Any ideas for Christmas?.. i am putting together a few packs with coffee mugs and gift vouchers and hand creams.... selling them as a package deal.. should sell i hope... i could do with an extra few hundred over the xmas time.. 3 kids .. you know how it is... now they are gettin to the age they want " electronic" toys.. that cost a bomb... oh well they are only little once i suppose... we spend most of our summer in the pool so there is no washing and no ironing and no cost to entertain..... that is the bonus... mind you we are still paying off the $35k for the bloody pool...... best thing we did.. 2 little ones has lung issues.. on puffers etc.. they come off them in summer and brandan is so strong now from swimming he does not even need them..... solar heated so the water is alreay 28' they have been in for 2 weeks already..
    talk to you later... keep on top of those girls taking your aprt....
    X Mel
    You poor thing.. your hands must be hurting you... hopefully the change will make all the dif and you wont have to give up..
    i was thinking about your ezflow course this weekend... wow came around so bloody fast.
    I am jealous.. you will have to post some pic s when you are done with them.
    might have to order some ezflow pink and white if you think they are ok.. I have a big jar of creative...and of course i jumped in balls and all and put the opaque neatual on some of my clients so they will be pissed when i change them over again! I made sure it was not the fussy ones so they shoud be ok i hope...lol

    weather was hot here all week 28 -29.... now it is 17.... what the hell... ni wonder we are all getting the flu.. crazy..
    did you talk to your boss about the ploish range?
    talk soon
    Hi karen,
    It has been a while since i got on the site... i was spending to much time on here and things at home were getting on top of me.
    I have 2 polishes from sparitual.. they are ok.. great colour range... I would tell your boss that you already have a polish range but are happy to buy "new" ones from sparitual when you need to replace the ones you have... or you could sell them off cheap $10 bucks ( what you paid for them) to clients that you have now... recope your money and buy new ones... just a thought.
    Wow thursday.. you won;t know your self... just take your time and dont rush.. your times will come down in no time.
    I did 3 sets of nails for girls going to their formals.. i knew they were not keeping them on so i thought i would try out the ezflow clear straight over the white tips. ( normally i would do the white powder over the tip as well, not sure why but i aways have, then apply the pink up to the white and then buff off the excess that has gone over the white......)
    they took me 40mins each set... they looked amazing.. great shape as i was building with only clear so i could add where i needed it etc.
    I am sooooooo thinking of changing over.. I need a sample of their pink and white and then i will make a decision..
    My order came last wednesday... i forgot to order the bloody solar oil agian..... bloody hell that was part of the reason i placed the order.. oh well have to put another one in soon.
    How are you woking out your profit in the new salon?... if she wants you to use specific stuff is she buying it for you?.....
    just make sure that the rules are on paper ... people tend to change their minds some times.
    X Mel
    hey there,
    Just fell off..yeah sure they did....
    Yes I do waxing too... I didn't want to do it but i had sooooooo many people ask for it that i decided to bite the bullet and dio it....piece of cake. 6 weeks, 3 hrs a week and i was done... somedays i make more out of waxing then nails... quicker and better profit so i say go for it..... tanning is easy too... just get her to show you a few times.. i dont think you need to be trained in it.. none of our girls have had formal training..
    not sure about the skin side of it. I think you would be more customers asking about the waxing to be honest.
    it really is easy.
    Just make sure you have it clear before you start what you will be getting out of it... %50 50% ect... that can be the tricky part...
    What i make at work is mine.. no matter what i make so just be careful and make sure that you are getting your cut... the girl i work with got the boss to pay for hers and now she does't get any of the profit he gets it all....

    my order still has not arrived.... grrr i hate those bloody people.....
    thinking of putting up my prices.. what do you charge for a full set and white tip infill>
    i am $55 full set white tips, $35 french rebalance
    X Mel
    no i haven't but i don't have any glitter!!!. that is what i am waiting for from ezflow... i ordered the "hot stuff" from the boogie nights to do a glitter fade with the other solid colours that i have... knowin my luck they will arrive the day after i do my nails...
    have some time tomorrow... not feeling the best right at this moment... Red flag and all...lol
    Oh really,
    I just posted a thread about some xmas canes... i would love some fruties but not sure in aussie where to get them?.... We should have ordered them together and i would have given you the money for them to save a little postage.... oh well next time..
    let me know how the go... I ordered more ezflow glitters the other day and waiting on them... but i can't have bare fingers so it will be another soak off for me in another 2 weeks time i expect...
    I was thinkign of a solid colour as i am over the "smile" line at the moment... still thinking
    X Mel
    Wow Karen that is soooooo cheap... god i was thinking over $500.... christ knows what i thought...
    no i didn't call as yet... i should pull my finger out..
    will do it now
    good on you for bettering your skills... another cert to hang in the salon... did you like my cold feet kick up the arse....lol
    just soaked off my nails ( twice in a month)... getting bored easy these days... just sitting here wondering what i can do on them when the kids are in bed tonight... hubby wont be to happy but the red flag is flying ( iykwim) so he wont be missing anything tonight.
    he gets a little jealous of my nails and geeking....lol
    ok well i am off to call ezflow
    talk soon
    ps i love to open geek and find a post from you.:)
    wOW.. that is great.. do you know who is doing the training?.. there might be one closer in sydney for me.. i hope so.. although a trip to tas would be nice.
    Yeah stay with CND for the time and see what Geeg has to offer... are you going to come?.. or go to the toy ride?..
    hard choice
    work was ****.... 2 nail bitters from hell.. 2 full sets in 2 hours... didn't happen.. took me 1hr 10mn and people were late al; day.... I changed my apt book around for this lady and she didn't show... grrr people suck sometimes..
    your joking.,... poor joseph... he must have felt very odd...
    i saw a nail he did.. he put a layer of white on and then black over teh top and then used his e file to carve out the patterns.. ended up 2 tones looked great.
    I am thinking of training with ezflow too... just have to get onto them about it and see how much it will cost..
    it is my last day off and then back to work tomorrow... actually looking forward to trying some of the new tips i learned... still didn't get me any good clear tips...grrr... should have bought them at the expo... oh well next year...
    told hubby i was taking a roller bag and filling it up to bring home... he said i better start saving!!! lol
    talk to you later
    Hey, well done on the timing.... joseph was on the OPI stand when i saw him... does he do both?...
    I saw the same thing at the young nails stand... they were having a terrible time with the filing and their e file was like $890 or something huge like that... OMG,,
    Also I heard a few of them fight over who was going to do the gel nails as they were all having a hard time with it!!!! Some of their nails were soooooo thick.. Mindy had 2 done and they were terrible.. great colours but no where near what a "pro" should have done..
    Ezflow is getting my vote at the moment... still seeing out the CND and the training with geeg of course.
    I have been looking into training with ezflow and Viv... nothing to display as yet... will email her and see what she says.
    have a good night
    Me too... CND was CRAPOLA.... their girls had their heads stuck up their arses most of the time... No one was even doing nails when i was there... they were just trying to flog stuff..... when i asked about the spa mani range they just pointed to a box on the floor and said.."it is in there.. about $100 i think"..... every other stand was offering to help me with the products and do a demo on my hands.... they have sure out priced them self and from what i saw from the Expo they are not going to last long here in australia. You got the email addresses that i sent to you?... there is ezflow on there too.... it seems to be a little bit for forgiving as it is used wetter and i find i am getting the hang of it faster than CND expecially around the cuticle area.... Man i wish i did the class with Catherine wong.... grrrr... next year.... thinking of headin to Melbourne to go a class with Viv Simmonds too.... now that would be worth the trip...
    Ok so Carl is endorsing the Hawley... unusual.. wonder what Geeg will think about that...
    That is the only reason i am sticking with it at the moment.... I want geeg to show me how to use it 100% corretctly then make a call.... also i have a ton of it to use up so i am still using that for pink and Whites and ezflow for the colour,glitter nail arty stuff... hope that makes sense.
    Onlt a month to go and you are almost in the salon.. wow does it feel great?.. bet you can't wait.
    guess you have to get this all sorted before you get in there... that i my concern that i will be changing over and some old clients will still want the old powder colours... best time to change them is after a colour so they don;t know the difference i would think.....
    you know no one really asks me if i use creative.... alothough I have always asked before i get mine done... funny that.. something to think about
    x mel
    Hey Karen,

    shame about the hospital trip.. she must have been in some pain.. maybe you should have called an ambo when it first happened.. oh well hind sight is a good thing.
    Just a tip from me about he hawley powders... it has been 4 years since i touched the stuff BUT.. I trained with it and it is HARD as nails.. i ended up throwing it out and buying a CND retention kit to do my college exam.. it was that bad... Perma Nail here is also a big no no.... It is the cheapest you can buy here in wollongong... from memory the educator that uses it here( my waxing teacher) her nails were always cloudy and yellow.... I don;t think changing to a cheaper brand is your answer...
    Check out a couple of web sites...
    and premiernailsupplies... or something like that... they have creative for a great price...
    I have found the ezflow much easier to work with than i first thought.. I have been playing with it here and the girls spent a go hour with me yesterday teaching me to use the powders that i had bought previously and having trouble with.
    Mindy seems to think that the enity powders are good too...???

    Those are just my thoughts and if you have samples coming i am sure you will have a play with them.. just do your nails with it to start with and do at least 3 infills to make sure you give it time for the service breakdown to hit.... hopefully it wont but better to be same than sorry... I am alitte sorry I changed my new clients last week to the new CND opaque powders... they all loved it but now i too am not sure wether i will change over to Ezflow...use up all the CND i have before a decide.. i still think it is the best... but the cost is huge.
    Mindy mentioned that she worked in the salon that you are going into... funny that... another funny thing is that her name is Melinda J.... and so is mine... her friend with her was Naomi and so was mine... 2 mels and 2 naomis for dinner that night.. freaky!
    talk to you later
    hope your friends back is getting better..poor thing so painfull.
    Hey.... well sydney has been and gone... I didn't see you :(... your poor friend... Mindy was very nice.. she introduced me to the who's who and I have a few nails done... kylie at ezflow and christine wong did an amzing 3d rose with silver petals.. wow that is amazing.
    I am sooo sorry your weekend was pretty much spent in the hotel... at least you got saturday in.. did you have fun anyway?.. learn anythng... how could you not with all those great people there... I want their jobs!!!!!!...actaully they all looked so tried at the end of it all... packing away would have been **** house..
    i joined nailtips forum too... i tried when you posted me the link but it didn't work ( my pc)// so i tried again and it went thru...
    x mel
    Hi, received the smile line cutter yesterday. Thanks so much for that can't wait to give it a go. Had know idea you sent it all the way from australia!! i'm new to all this internet stuff!!. thanks again for being so helpful x biccy
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