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  • Completely agree with you, judt think it would make more sense. Having said that, they'd give us space, we'd want chairs. We get chairs, we'd want foot massages...
    Thanks for the like Karen X. I'm quite often being told off for expressing myself on here so it's nice to get a like ! X
    I've moved, still in Gospit but a bigger house, so I now have a dedicated nail/hair room (one week away from qualifying as a hair messer :D) and also the small bedroom at the front of the house is my waxing/tanning room. Thinking about giving up waxing as I hate it with a passion! Will still keep my existing waxing clients until they leave, and I don't have many of them and just concentrate on tanning (just going over to Nouvatan and my nails (going over to Nail Harmony). I was thinking about you the other day actually, I was wondering where you got your acrylic sheets from for your tanning corner and how much they were. I know it was a couple of years ago now though. Glad you're fine :) Did the lovely Ollie last...? (just looked back at an old message! :)) xx
    hiya i am going on the eye treatment course on the 4th july and im interested in your items for sale, how many sets will what u have got do? x
    Hi Karren, really interested in your Footsie Bath but am in Kent and wondered if you would be prepared to post it and if so how much? Kind regards Heather
    Hi Karren,

    Can you let me know please how much you are selling the wax heater for and the roby size 16 uniform? Also, what colour/style is the uniform?

    Thank you so much!

    Sophie x x
    Hi Karren,
    Sent Melissa off with a pot, but there is only a few dregs in the bottom, i ran out of CND Cool so couldn't mix any up. Anyway, it's a simple blend of (working in teaspoons!!) 1 tsp cnd cool opaque, 1 teaspoon pure cnd pink & tip of teaspoon of CND red powder. Really good colour for her, very like her natural nail bed colour.
    I have minxed her toes today, however, she does a lot of running & has some damage to her big toe on her left foot & a crack in her middle toe of her right foot. Minxed it no probs. Would be intereted on what you think when you remover hewr minx for re-doing?
    Thanks alot, she's going to ring & book in for her rebalance , no lift problems with her, i do the usual cnd prep.
    Let me know how you get on.Thanks everso much xx
    Hi Karren,
    Had Melissa in yesterday. I have given her your web addy. She wears a custom blended short P&W. I mix the CB myself using cnd powders. I'll give her a little pot when she comes in on tues for her last appointment with me to have her toes Minxed. I'll also send her with the recipie for you hun. xxxx
    Hio Karren, thanks everso much for your details. Website looks fab! I'll pass it on to her, she's called 'Melissa Griffiths' btw, just so you know who she is. She's lovely & I'll miss her. xxx
    You're very welcome... I think it's a good idea too... might do some more like that but with the other colours, as and when I use them that is lol x
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