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  • About damn time!!!!! But it's too late for me to wish you Merry Christmas. Sooooo I'll just have to wish you a Happy New Year, then.
    Hehehe, hiya Princess-Cold-Dark-Heart. Loads going on this week with work and baby sitting and birthdays and christmas prep!!!! xxx
    I'm shouting even louder now!

    Lucky BF. I went to NY in Feb (I took Amy) and we loved it! I'd go back tomorrow.

    You sound very happy and I'm thrilled for you. Much love and chat soon. xx
    Lol……..Yes, I had the torn eardrums repaired and I'm fine thanks. How are you doing? xx
    SShhh, we don't want too many people finding out you not only have a heart but that its a very kind one ... you might find yourself having to fend off little old grannies and orphan children xxxx Where's my facebook friend thingy then? I'm waiting to say yes lol
    Ha Ha !! Now we're all grown up, we have to keep that of stuff private. Not been on here for ages, but off work this week as I've had surgery on my inner ears (sexy). Luv ya xxx
    Ha ha ah ha! Thanks for the rep! If I had just said that I didn't take it off at night everyone would have thought 'you dirty cow' so I thought I would get in first! xxz
    Can I just say how lovely I thought your post was about "freebies for families"...especially the bit about the lovely upbringing that your mum gave you and the bonding time with your Nan....it was really touching and spoke volumes about the close relationship you must have with your family. PB x
    Hello! I never even noticed that typo before! Don't tell my parents, esp my Dad! I know I haven't updated my blog for a while but he hates that as I type how I talk! Long sentences...
    Zoe x
    Thanks for the info hun. My room needs a spruce up so I will look on my not so favourite place for the designs lol. Your mut is NOT big!!xxx
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