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  • Thanks again Kate. No, personal insults aren't my thing either - just the occasional bit of sarcasm like that cryptic C code sample that prints out the 12 days of Christmas which was my way of saying how silly it was to post irrelevant code snippets just to show off how clever you are! So glad you like my work though - although a lot of it is down to Carl's lovely graphics; my sites would just look really drab if it wasn't for Carl and his genius! Most of what I am focusing on is designing an easy to use website management system for people though - to make it easy for people to update their own sites without getting bogged down in code - and tying this in with a booking system which sadly *still* isn't finished - and now I am doing some office work too to bring in extra money asap as I wasn't charging enough for my work!
    Ok, will do - see you at about 11 then, perfect. I want to know all about the new products that have popped up while I've been gone, and of course what you've been up to ;) See you there. x
    There is one 2 minutes from the office so we´ll meet there abot 11 -11:30 and go for an early lunch. If you want to get me on the phone I'll be at Samanthas desk and her DDI is 0113 217 3807 x
    That sounds great Geeg (got an assesment due in for my degree course that day but me being me had it done ages ago - when I read that date all I could think was I had something on but it's okay ;) )
    Get it in your diary then :) - is Est Est Est in the centre? - or is there another one near S2? What time suits you - anytime is okay with me as long as I'm away by about 2:30 to get back to York to pick my partners kiddies up from school.
    I could do someting on Monday the 6th I think if that is convenient. The week before I am kind of booked up with Samantha. If this is good for you I'll get it in the diary .. thought a monday might be better for you than other days. Est Est Est for lunch then?
    Hi Kate..I'm good thanks.. how about you? I am not doing the tanning training any more, I have got too busy in the salon to fit in training. How's business with you?
    Very busy, yes thanx hun! My daughter is 2 now - and there's simply not enough hours in the day for her and my salon - which has taken off beyond my wildest dreams! And you? Hope we see a bit more of you around!! xx
    You're welcome. :hug: and thank you :o. How is business, I take it that you have been busy? OMG I've just seen that it's been a few years since your last posts, well before this years ones anyway, you must have been busy. :lol: xxx
    Wonderful to see you Kate.. I must admit I was a little conserned that nobody had heard from you :hug: I will pm (more private lol) when I get time this evening .. :)
    Hi Kate... I hope you are keeping well and happy. Missed not seeing you around. Love & hugs. Jen
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