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  • awwwwwwwwwwww thanks hunny! you make me feel heaps better XOXOXOXOXO
    It's just a down day or two of frustration...
    You know me... I'm too damned stubborn and too much of a b**** to let anything keep me down for long LOL
    XOXOXOXXO you totally rock!
    Thanks for the rep... I tried to rep you on the same thread but I need to spread the love :)
    I have been as busy as can be, sometimes meeting myself coming backwards lol.
    not been in the best of health though, so feel like I am on a bit of a go slow :(
    But defo getting there.
    So.... whats your plan now you have your masters, climbing the next rung on the ladder I hope ? :)

    Speak to you soon my luv ~X~
    lol @ bitchbook hehe we adopted a 'rescue' dog from a no-kill shelter. She's a boxer mix, approx 1yr and a total doll. Absolutely hilarious and gets on really well with kids, cat, and other dog mix rottweiler/husky/doberman of same age. They're like sisters, it's great. Loving her to bitts :)
    Youre welcome honey. Thanks for the friend add :) You have achieved something really special, well done xxx
    hEY BOOTIFUL!! Been crazy busy myself these days, and everyone in household taking turns getting sick, plus xmas rush, plus new puppy... utter craziness hehehehe catch up with me on fb, easiest way lol xoxox
    Oh ... so that's what you look like !! lol Nice to see your face Katie. xx
    We take a long time choosing the best educators ... It's not a walk in the park for them lol. They are all outstanding and they all do the most important thing of all which is put the students first. They dont see teaching as a stage on which to show off .. Their job is to see the students 'get it'. And they do. Xx
    Thanks for the rep... I thought I must be talking another language or completely missing something! Some people just choose not to listen to what they dont want to hear. xx
    Thanks for the pic comment, the zone 3 is 60/40 neutral pink opaque and pure pink sheer with a small amount of gold shimmer added... I think! I run out so need to mix more and i'm hoping that is it! xx
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