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    Who are you? What is it to you what I do! Do you have nothing better to do other than make...

    Who are you? What is it to you what I do! Do you have nothing better to do other than make petty comments tp people wanting tips and advise. We are people that are in the "Consumer Form" which means they are not professional, but giving and receiving advice on things we have done ourself! I...
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    Please help me decide-gel polish

    Ha! You can do what you like with any products if you use them on yourself, which is what I do! I don't do it as a job.
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    Dark self tanning spray

    Can anyone recommenda good dark self anning spray please...
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    Personal advice needed-makeup

    If your skin is good, then maybe just adding a bit of bronzer to your face to add a glow, also use the bronzer as a blusher, if that is not the right colour for your complexion then having a blusher to suit your tones will add dimension to your face. I think Mascara is the key, Rimmel is really...
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    St Tropez dark spray

    Anyone Tried this??
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    Please help me decide-gel polish

    Gelish all the way. I am not trained but have started to use it. . It lasts 3 weeks and is so easy to apply like a nail varnish. Just join the gelish lovers group on here, and watch you tube video's, follow the instructions on gelish website also on how to apply. Good luck!
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    Messy fly-away straight hair - please advise!

    I would try Lee Stafford's products from Boots. Poker Straight shampoo and conditioner. Poker straight flat iron mist. Poker straight dehumidifyer spray. I would put a bit of dehumidifyer spray on your hands and tap down the frizz from the roots. It's all 3 for £12 at boots at the moments.
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    Gelish nails

    Yes you have to use 36w UV lamp
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    Eyebrow waxing

    I mean actual wax pot. Do you put them in the microwave?
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    St Moritz dark tanning spray

    Hi can anybody give me feedback if they have used this St Moriz dark spray. I am wondering if to get this at £2.99 or the St Tropez Dark Spray at £16.00.
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    St Moriz Dark tanning Spray

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    St Tropez dark spray

    Can people give me their feedback on the St Tropez Dark Tan Spray Mist please.
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    St Tropez dark spray

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    Eyebrow waxing

    Can you tell me which brand of waxing pots are good to use for eyebrow waxing.
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    Eyebrow waxing